Test 4 Ch23

  1. Lymphatic function
    • Circulation
    • >maintain blood volume
    • >absorb excess fluid from tissues
    • >return fluid to subclavian vein
    • Defense
    • >fight infections
    • >destroy pathogens
    • >produce lymphocytes
    • >produce antibodies
  2. Excess tissue fluid forms from...
    blood capillaries
  3. Lymph
    Tissue fluid absorbed into lymph capillaries
  4. Lymph capillaries
    • absorb excess fluid from interstitial spaces
    • also absorb bacteria, virus, other cells (if present)
  5. Features of lymph capillaries...
    • very permeable endothelium
    • one way flaps (fluid only flows in)
  6. Lacteals
    • lymph capillareis in small intestine
    • absorb lipids
  7. Thoracic duct
    • returns lymph to left subclavian veins
    • collects all lymph except right upper quadrant
  8. Cisterna chyli
    collects from lower extremities, abdomen
  9. Right lymphatic duct
    • returns lymph to right subclavian vein
    • collects lymph from right upper quadrant
  10. Lymph node
    • collection of lymphoid cells
    • destroy pathogens
    • filter lymph before return to blood
  11. afferent lymphatic vessels
    enters node
  12. efferent lymphatic vessels
    leaves node
  13. follicles
    lymphoid tissue
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