Lab 6: Nebs, MDIs, DPIs

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  1. Albuterol
    Short acting bronchodilator, side effecct: tachycardia, unit dose = 2.5 mL, DO NOT USE ON SOMEONE WITH SULFITE ALLERGY
  2. Atrovent
    Ipratropium Bromide, anticholinergic - another group of bronchodilators that are different from the beta-agonists. While the beta-agonists affect the bronchioles (small airways), anticholinergics affect the muscles around the bronchi (large airways). When the lungs are irritated, these bands of muscle can tighten, making the bronchi narrower. work by stopping the muscles from tighteningUnit dose = 2.5 mL
  3. Duo-neb
    Ipratropium Bromide (0.5 mg) + Albuterol Sulfate (3 mg)
  4. Mucomist
    Acetylcystine - muco-lytic that breaks up mucous, NEVER GIVE THIS WITHOUT ALBUTEROL - CAUSES BRONCHOSPASMS
  5. Tobramycin
  6. Advair - DPI
    • Flovent/Seravent
    • Fluticasone/Salmeterol
  7. Fluticasone
    Steroid for inflammtion, "Flovent" part of Advair
  8. Salmeterol
    maintenance drug, "new albuterol", seravent part of advair
  9. Zopinex
    same as albuterol without side effect of tachycardia - more expensive
  10. Pulmacort
    Budesonide, usually in respule
  11. Pulmazine
  12. MDI
    • Shake to mix drug, prime with test hit
    • Have patient sit up and use spacer
    • Breathe in at less than 60 L/sec
    • Wait 1 minute between actuations
    • Most of the time, can be given without breaking the circuit of a ventilator
  13. Purpose of a Spacer
    • Slows down particles to a speed easier to inhale
    • Ages particles to a more respirable size
    • HONKS! if patient breathes in too quickly! (greater than 60L/sec)
  14. Speriva
    Tropium Bromide, Big brother of Atrovent - same side effects but longer lasting (24 hours)
  15. DPI
    • generate flows greater than 60 L/min
    • Inhale as hard as possible
  16. Small Volume Neb
    creates aerosol, cannot be given thru a vent without breaking the circuit
  17. Breath Actuating Small Volume Neb
    requires inhalation! has little ball that moves when inhaled - quicker to deliver medications
  18. Non-Breath Actuating Small Volume Neb
    does not require inhalation, wastes medication
  19. Pari-neb
    not breath actuated, 2 tabs! one is bigger than the other, TOBRAMYCIN AND PULMAZINE MUST BE RAN THRU THIS
  20. Continuous Neb
    after patient has already been given Albuterol and needs more treatment, given in a mask! CRITICAL TO MONITOR HEART RATE WITH THIS MUCH ALBUTEROL!
  21. Charting
    • military time
    • doses and names of drugs, duration, mode of delivery
    • cough before/after
    • position of patient, response of therapy
    • source gas
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Nebs, MDIs, DPIs
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