1. habitat
    natural place of living
  2. hackneyed
    commonplace; trite; overused
  3. haggard
    wasted or gaunt in appearance
  4. panoramic
    as seen or viewable from all directions; comprehensive as in review or coverage
  5. paradox
    that which may be true but which seems to be contradictory; false or absurd; a self contradictory statement
  6. verbatim
    word for word; in the exact words
  7. verbiage
    excess of words; verbosity
  8. polyglot
    speaking or writing in several languages; multilingual; a mixture of languages
  9. verbose
    using too many words
  10. exorbitant
    beyond reasonable limits; excessive
  11. frustration
    that which baffles or thwarts accomplishment; the state of being so affected
  12. verdant
    green with vegetation
  13. aridity
    dryness; barrenness; the state of being dull, without interest
  14. modicum
    a small quantity or portion
  15. momentous
    of great importance or conseuence
  16. monograph
    a scholarly or formal writing on a single subject
  17. modulate
    to change, adjust or regulate; to vary the pitch or tone of sound or the frequency of radio waves
  18. mollify
    to calm or appease; to soothe; to make less severe
  19. buttress
    a support or prop for a wall, etc; to prop up or bolster
  20. cacophony
    unpleasant, harsh, or discordant sound
  21. descried
    caught sight of; discerned; spied
  22. shoddy
    of inferior material; lacking the quality claimed; sham
  23. shibboleth
    a custom or phrase distinctive of a particular group,  class, etc.; a password or watchword
  24. shrew
    a scolding, brawling woman
  25. discurve
    passing from one subject to another
  26. shuffle
    a walk characterized by scarping or sliding of the feet; to walk in such manner
  27. sidled
    stepped or moved sideways in a shy or stealthy manner
  28. simile
    a figure of speech likening one thing to another using "as", "like", etc.
  29. simulated
    had the appearance but not the actuality of; imitated; pretended; feigned
  30. disheveled
    disarranged; untidy; tousled; rumpled
  31. disparaging
    degrading; depreciating; "cutting down"; belittling
  32. disparity
    unlikeness; inequality; difference
  33. sinecure
    a paid position that requires little or no work or responsibility
  34. sinister
    tending toward disaster; threateing; foreboding; evil; wicked
  35. dispersion
    a spreading nor scattering or separating
  36. dissemble
    to conceal or disguise; to show falsely; to dissimulate
  37. skeptical
    doubtful; unbelieving
  38. skittish
    nervous; easily frightened; "high strung"
  39. sobriety
    the state of being sober, serious or temperate; abstinence from intoxicating substances
  40. soiree
    an evening party or celebration
  41. solicitous
    showing concern, careful attention or protectiveness; eagerly desirous, willing
  42. disseminated
    scattered; spread widely
  43. dissenter
    one who dissents, disagrees, differs in principle; one who refuses to assent to established doctrine
  44. dissonance
    lack of harmony; lack of agreement; discord; incongruity
  45. dissuade
    to persuade not to do something
  46. distraught
    mentally agitated; emotionally upset; worried and bewildered
  47. somnambulist
    one who walks and performs other actions during sleep
  48. divulge
    to make known; to reveal; to tell
  49. sophisticated
    worldly wise; not simple; refined; cultivated
  50. soporific
    causing sleepiness; drowsy; sleepy
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