Medical Terminology

  1. anisocytosis

    The presence of red blood cells of unequal size 

    an EYE soh TOH sis
  2. bacteremia
    condition of bacteria in the blood

    bak ter EE mee ah
  3. hemolysis
    rupture of the red blood cell membrane

    hee MALL ih sis
  4. erythopenia
    abnormally reduced number of blood cells in a blood sample

    ee RITH roh PEE nee ah
  5. hemorrhage
    abnormal loss of blood from the 

    HEM eh rihj
  6. leukopenia
    abnormally reduced number of white blood cells

    loo koh PEE nee ah
  7. macrocytosis
    abnormally large red blood cells

    MAk roh sigh TOH sis
  8. pokilocytosis
    tear shaped blood cell

    POY kih loh sigh TOH sis
  9. polycythemia
    abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells

    pall ee sigh THEE mee ah
  10. splenomegaly
    abnormally large spleen

    splee noh MEG ah lee
  11. thrombopenia
    an abnormally reduced number of platelets in blood

    throm boh PEE nee ah
  12. toxemia
    the presence of toxins in the bloodstream

    tahk SEE mee ah
  13. AIDS
    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  14. allergy
    the body's immune response to allergens
  15. anaphylaxis
    an immediate reaction to foreign substances

    AN ah fih LAK sis
  16. anemia
    the reduced ability of red blood cells to deliver oxygen to tissues

    ah NEE mee ah
  17. anthrax
    bacterial disease, blackening effect on skin and lungs

    An thraks
  18. autoimmune disease
    disease that is caused by a person's own immune response attacking otherwise healthy tissue
  19. botulism
    a lethal form of food-borne illness. cause by the ingestion of food contaminated with the neurotoxin produced by bacterium clostridium botulinum
  20. communicable disease
    a disease that is capable of transmission from one person to another
  21. diptheria
    an infectious disease resulting in acute inflammation of the mucous membranes, primarily in the mouth and throat
  22. dyscrasia
    any abnormal condition of blood

    diss KRAY zee ah
  23. edema
    the leakage of fluid form the bloodstream into the interstitial space between body cells, swelling
  24. fungemia
    condition of blood fungus

    fun JEE mee ah
  25. gas gangrene
    bacteria from a wound that enters the blood stream

    eating sore
  26. hematoma
    a mass of blood vessels and confined within an organ or space within the body.  Contusion, bruise
  27. hemoglobinopathy
    a general term for a disease that effects the hemoglobin within red blood cells

    HEE moh gloh bin AH path ee
  28. hemophilia
    an inherited bleeding disorder that results from defective or missing blood-clotting proteins

    HEE moh FILL ee ah
  29. hemorrhagic fever
    an infectious disease that cause internal bleeding or hemorrhage

    HEM or AJ ik
  30. Hodgkin's disease
    a malignant form of cancer of lymphatic tissue that is characterized by the progressive enlargement of lymph nodes, fatigue, and deficiency of the immune response

    Thomas Hodgkin, British 1832
  31. iatrogenic disease
    a condition that is caused by medical treatment

    EYE a troh JEN ik
  32. idiopathic diease
    a disease that develops without a known or apparent cause
  33. immunodeficiency
    a deficiency resulting from a defective immune response
  34. immunosuppresion
    a reduction of an immune response caused by a disease or by the use of chemical, pharmacological, or immunologic agents
  35. incompatibility
    the combination of two blood types that result in the destruction of red blood cells
  36. infection
    a multiplication of disease-causing microorganisms or pathogens in the body
  37. inflammation
    the swelling of body tissue, swelling results from the movement of plasma from capillaries into the extracellular space to produce edema
  38. influenza
    a viral disease characterized by fever and and acute inflammation of the respiratory mucous membrane
  39. leukemia
    a form of cancer that means condition of white blood cells
  40. lymphadenitis
    inflammation of the lymph nodes

    limm fad eh NYE tiss
  41. lymphoma
    a malignant tumor originating in the lymphatic tissue
  42. malaria
    a disease that caused by parasitic protozoan that infects red blood cells and the liver during different parts of it's life cycle.
  43. measles
    an acute viral disease that often begins with fever, followed by skin rash containing numerous vesicles and accompanied with general inflammation of the respiratory system
  44. mononucleosis
    a viral disease characterized by enlarged lymph nodes and spleen, atypical lymphocytes, throat pain, pharyngitis, fever and fatigue

    MAHN oh nook lee OH siss
  45. necrosis
    the death of one or more cells or a portion of a tissue or organ
  46. nosocomial infection
    an infectious disease that is contracted during a hospital stay

    noh soh KOH mee al
  47. plague
    any infectious disease that is widespread and causes extensive mortality
  48. rabies
    a viral infection that is spread from the saliva of an infected animal
  49. septicemia
    a system wide disease caused by the presence of bacteria and their toxins in the circulating blood
  50. smallpox
    a viral disease caused by the variola virous
  51. staphylococcemia
    the presence of the bacterium staphylococcus in the blood

    STAFF ih loh kok SEE mee ah
  52. streptococcemia
    the presence of the bacterium of streptococcus in the blood

    STEP toh kok SEE mee ah
  53. tetnus
    a disease caused by a powerful neurotoxin released by the common bacterium Clostridium tetani
  54. thyoma
    a tumor originating in the thymus gland
  55. antibiotic therapy
    a therapeutic treatment involving the use of a substance with known toxcity
  56. anticoagulant
    a chemical agent that delays or prevents the clotting process in blood
  57. antiretroviral therapy
    a pharmacological therapy that is useful in battling a class of class of viruses that tend to mutate quickly  

  58. attenutaion
    the process in which pathogens are rendered less virulent, orinfectious prior to their incorporation into a vaccine preparation

    ah TEN yoo AY shun
  59. autologous trasfusion
    a transfusion of blood donated by a patient for their personal use

    aw TALL oh guss
  60. blood chemistry
    a test or series of test on a sample of plasma to measure the levels of its comosition
  61. blood culture
    a clinical test to determine infection in the blood
  62. blood transfusions
    the introduction of blood, blood products or a blood substitute in a patient's circulation to restore blood volume to normal levels
  63. bone marrow transplant
    a procedure that involves the removal of a sample from a compatible donor, usually from the red marrow in the pelvis, and its inoculation into the recipient's red marrow
  64. coagulation time
    a timed blood test to determine the time required for a blood clot to form
  65. complete blood count
    a common laboratory test that evaluates a sample of blood to provide diagnostic information about a patient's general health,

  66. differential count
    a microscopic count of the number of each type of white blood cell in a sample of blood
  67. hematocrit
    a procedure included in a complete blood count that measures the percentage of red blood cells in a volume of blood

    HCTM Hct
  68. hematology
    the general field of medicine focusing on blood-related diseases
  69. hemoglobin
    a procedure included in a complete blood count that measures the amount of hemoglobin in the blood

    HGB, Hgb
  70. HIV
    human immunodeficiency  virus
  71. hemostasis
    the stoppage of bleeding
  72. homologous transfusion
    the transfusion of blood that is voluntarily donated by another person
  73. immunization
    a treatment that establishes immunity against a particular foreign substance that may otherwise cause disease
  74. immunology
    the science concerned with immunity and allergy
  75. immunotherapy
    the treatment of infectious disease the the administration of pharmacological agents
  76. lymphadenectomy
    the surgical removal of one or more lymphnodes

    limm fad eh NEK toh mee
  77. platelet count
    a laboratory procedure that calculates the number of platelets in a known volume of blood  

  78. prophylaxis
    any treatment that tends to prevent the onset of an infection other type of disease
  79. red blood count
    a lab test included in the complete blood count that measures the number of red blood cell in a given volume of blood

  80. splenectomy
    the surgical removal of the spleen
  81. vaccination
    the inoculation of a foreign substance that has reduced virulence, or a reduced ability to cause infection
  82. vaccine
    a preparation that is used to activate an immune response to provide acquired immunity against an infectious agent
  83. MRSA
    methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus

  84. PT
    prothrombin time
  85. PTT
    partial prothrombin time
  86. WBC
    white blood count
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