Genetics Test

  1. The chemicals that make up your genetic code are known as Deoxyribonucleic Acids or__________
  2. What are the four base pairs for Deoxyribonucleic acid?
    Guanine, Adanine, Thymine, and Cytosine (GAtTaCa)
  3. A large amount of DNA can code just 1 characteristic also known as a____
  4. Many, many segments of code all tightly coiled on the same strand is known as a ____________
  5. A human has ____ pairs of chromosomes or _____ total
  6. A type of primordial cell that can form any other type of cell is known as a ________
    Stem cell
  7. To make an identical copy of another organism is called___________
  8. When making a duplicate of a certain type of cell or an entire organ (such as a heart of lungs) out of stem cells, it is called _______________
    therapeutic cloning
  9. What is the general term for changing someone's DNA for better or worse?
    genetic engineering
  10. A ball of cells that contains stem cells in it is called a __________
  11. A map of all a human's chromosomes is called a ___________
  12. ___________ was a monk who experimented with pea plants, and its also considered the father or Genetics
    Gregor Mendel
  13. ____________ was one of the two scientists who worked on the model of DNA
    James Watson
  14. _________ was the name for the first ever cloned mammal
  15. A fertilized egg is also called a _____________
  16. Sex cells such as egg and sperm have exactly ________ of the normal amount of DNA
  17. In Gattaca the term for anyone who assumes another's genetic identity is a ___________
    borrowed ladder
  18. Why did Vincent assume Jerome's identity?
    He wanted to work for Gattaca and they wouldn't let him because of his Vincent's heart problem
  19. The term for any mutation, or error in DNA that could potentially be harmful to a child is known as a _____________
  20. This genetic anomaly causes people to have blood that does not clot properly?
  21. The term for a person who has an extra chromosome causing mental retardation?
    down syndrome
  22. This disorder causes a person's body to generate too much mucus?
    cystic fibrosis
  23. When blood cells form a crescent shape making it difficult to carry oxygen, it is called __________
  24. THe type of genetic engineering that affects only you and not your offspring is called__________
  25. The type of genetic engineering that affects only your offspring is known as __________
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