The Constitution

  1. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
    proposed amendment to Const. guaranteeing that equal rights under law can't be denied b/c of sex
  2. referenda
    proposed laws or Const. amendments submitted to voters for direct approval/rejection (in state const.)
  3. checks and balances
    Const. provisions giving each branch certain checks over actions of other branches
  4. Judicial review
    power of US Supreme Court and fed. judiciary to declare laws of Congress, states, or president actions unconstitutional
  5. ratification
    pwr. of legislature to approve/reject decisions
  6. Federalist
    supporter of ratification of Constitution
  7. Anti-Federalist
    opponents of ratification of Constitution
  8. Bill of Rights
    • written guarantees of basic indv. liberties
    • First 10 amendments of Const.
  9. enumerated powers
    pwrs. specifically mentioned in Const. belonging to national govt.
  10. Amendments
    formal changes in a bill, law, constitution
  11. Separation of Powers
    Constitution division of pwr among 3 branches - legislative - judicial - executive
  12. nationalism
    strong individual national (fed.) govt. w/ pwr to govern directly
  13. republicanism
    Govt. by representatives of the ppl.
  14. social contract
    idea that govt. originates from an implied contract among the ppl.
  15. inalienable rights
    rights of all ppl. derived from natural law - life - liberty - property/happiness
  16. natural law
    law that would govern humans in state of nature
  17. the Enlightment
    Age of Reason, philosophical movement in 18th cent. - belief in reason, human capacity, scientific approach to knowledge
  18. Annapolis Convention 1786
    meeting in Annapolis, Maryland to revise Articles of Confederation led to Constitutional Convention 1787
  19. Shays Rebellion
    • 1786 - armed revolt led by Daniel Shays 
    • raised concern about govt ability to maintain order
  20. Constitutionalism
    govt of laws
  21. constitution
    legally est. govt. authority
  22. tariffs
    tax imposed on imported products (customs duty)
  23. Mayflower Compact
    1620 - agreement among Pilgrims to est. govt. - precedent to govt. by contract
  24. Colonial Charters
    degree of self-govt - precedent of written contracts and govt. pwr
  25. Declaration of Independence
    1776 - resolution by 2nd Continental Congress that Am. colonies should be free
  26. Articles of Confederation
    original framework for US govt. - est. "firm league of friendship" among states
  27. parliamentary government
    govt. in which pwr is concentrated in legislature (Congress)
  28. Connecticut Compromise
    Great Compromise - combines Virginia & New Jersey Plan to make US Congress
  29. 3/5 Compromise
    • compromise in Const. Convention
    • slaves count as 3/5 of a person for taxation/representation
  30. taxes
    compulsory payments to govt
  31. common market
    unified trade area in area in which all goods & services can be sold or exchanged free from customs/tariffs
  32. National Supremacy Clause
    Article VI of US Const. declaring fed./const. law superior to state law/const.
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