U.S History

  1. 1. Periphery

    2. Convoy System
    1. Edges of the German empire. Churchill wanted to attack this area. Roosevelt supported his plan and ordered troops to attack in Morocco and Algeria in 1942.

    2. The system of traveling cargo ships watched by Navy warships. It made it much harder for a submarine to torpedo a cargo ship and escape without being attacked.
  2. 3. Assign

    4. Transmitted
    3. Put to a task. (Job) Three aircraft carriers were assigned to the attack of new Guinea other ships went to midway.

    4. Delivering a message to another person. Admiral Yamaoto transmitted the plans for the midway attack by way of radio. The codes used were already solved by Americans.
  3. 5. Intensify

    6. Chester Nimitz
    5. To become greater. The war in the atlantic continued to intensify with the Germans.

    6. Commander of the U.S Navy in the pacific who planned attacks against the Japanese Navy.
  4. 7. Douglas MacArther

    8. James Doolittle
    7. The commander of the philippines. By his tactics, the troops were able to fight for 3 months.

    8. The lieutenant in command of the mission. On April 18th, American bombs fell from 16 B-25's in Japan. (Carrier called Hornet.) They then landed in China. Attack from far away and long range were the advantages of using the B-25's.
  5. 9. George patton

    Midway- americans knew about the Midway attack.
    -Japan launched aircraft against Midway on June 4, 1942.
    -38 Japanese planes were shot down.
    -hornet, Yorktown, Entreprise counter attacked.
    9. A general who captured the city of casablanca in Morocco. Algeria siezed the cities of Oran and Algiers.
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