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  1. Cytoskeleton: composed of a network of proteins and tubulins within the cell cytoplasm
  2. Cytochalasin: Actin binding drug that inhibits polymerization by BINDING BARBED ends
  3. Phalloidin: actin binding drug that BINDS and STABILIZES filaments. Can b e labeled w fluorescent dye to stain actin filaments
  4. Microfilament: smallest cytoskeleton filaments, composed of actin subunits
  5. Actin: monomeric protein that forms microfilaments
  6. Karyokinesis: division of nucleus at mitosis or meiosis
  7. amoeboid locomotion: cell crawling movement by action of actin with cytoplasm movement
  8. profilin: actin protein that binds to NTP-free actin to help in elongation (binds to Formin)
  9. tropomyosin: side binding actin protein that binds to aid in the actin myosin binding movement
  10. ADF/cofilin: Binds to ADP-actin, aiding in severing, as it binds to the negative pointed end.
  11. Thymosin: vertebrae specific actin binding protein that binds to ATP-actin, inhibiting assembly and NTP exchange
  12. Gelsolin: actin protein works to aid in capping by binding to the barbed (pos) end, blocking association/disassociation
  13. Nucleation: occurs when monomers form a trimer and rate of ATP assembly is higher versus ADP
  14. Protofilament: the components of the microtubules, about 13 protofilaments per microtubule, which are made up of alpha and beta subunits forming a long chain structure
    exchangeable/non-exchangeable GTP: GTP that is in the positive position of the tubulin heterodimer is exchanged in the assembly and disassembly process, whereas the GTP in the negative position in the heterodimer is not exchanged
  15. CLIP170 and EB1: microtubule surfacing protein that links the membrane to the positive end of MT
  16. Tau and MAP2/MAP4: Stabilizing microtubule binding proteins that BIND and stabilize microtubules
  17. gamma tubulin ring complex (-TuRC): aids in forming the microtubules by acting as a template for alpha and beta tubulins to form onto
  18. Cochicine: tubulin binding drug that binds to tubulin and inhibits polymerization
  19. Nocodazole: tubulin binding drug that binds to tubulin and inhibits polymerization
  20. Taxol: tubulin binding drug that binds and stabilizes microtubules, used for chemo
  21. Centrosome: Serves as the microtubule organizing center of animal cells..composed of 2 centrioles, PCM, gamma tubulin
  22. Centriole: Mother and daugher centrioles makeup one centrosome (need both for equal cell division during mitosis/meiosis)
  23. mitotic spindle: composed of spindle microtubules, used to aid in segregation of chromosomes between mother and daughter cells during division
  24. MTOC: Site of microtubule formation, during interphase where centrosomes are replicated
  25. Cytokinesis: process by which CYTOPLASM of a single cells is divided into two daughter cells
  26. Pericentriolar material: filled with gamma tubulin complex, aiding in centrosome
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