1. Curfew
    통금 (=통행: Passage [from verb: 통하다: to pass through + 금지: Prohibition)
  2. To impose/implement a curfew
    통금을 실시하다
  3. To lift the curfew/A curfew-lifted zone
    통금을 해제하다/통금 해제구역
  4. To follow/observe a curfew
    통금을 지키다
  5. To violate the curfew/Curfew violation/A curfew violator
    통금을 위반하다/통금 위반/통금 위반자
  6. Curfew siren
    통금 사이렌
  7. Curfew hour/time
    통금 시간
  8. To have a curfew (time)
    통금 시간이 있다
  9. To go over one's curfew by about an hour and a half
    통금 시간을 1시간반이나 넘기다
  10. Curfew time at (my/our) home
    (우리) 집 통금 시간
  11. Energy/vitality/vigor/strength/spirits (ánimos)
    기운 (1)
  12. To have/not have energy/strength/high spirits (ánimos)
    기운이 있다/없다
  13. To feel low, down, (tener los ánimos por los suelos), have no energy, be cheerless, down-hearted, low-spirited, to be listless
    기운이 없다
  14. To not have (even) the energy, strength to (talk, be angry at sb, etc.)
    (말할, 화를 낼, etc.) 기운 (도) 없다
  15. To be full, brimming, overflowing with energy, vigor, pep, To be in high, good spirits
    기운이 넘치다
  16. To recover/regain one's strength, vitality
    기운을 차리다
  17. To put forth energy, positive attitude, cheer up, keep one's chin up, show good, high spirit
    (Cheer up, keep your chin up, pon buena cara!)
    • 기운(을) 내다
    • (기운 내라!)
  18. Energy, vigor, vitality, good spirit to come, arise, To cheer up, (coger ánimos)
    기운이 나다
  19. (=분위기, 기미) An air of, ambiance of, feeling of
    기운 (2)
  20. A feeling of spring to be in the air, evident
    봄기운이 완연하다
  21. (=가벼운 [병위] 증세) The effect of (medicine, alcohol, a cold [early, light symptoms of])
    기운 (3)
  22. To feel a cold coming on, be coming down with a cold, have a slight cold (have, feel early effects, symptoms of a cold)
    감기 기운이 있다 (카톡 w/ 은혜)
  23. The effects of (medicine, alcohol) to take effect
    (약, 술) 기운이 돌다
  24. To feel, be intoxicated by the effects of (medicine)
    (약) 기운에 취하다
  25. The effects of (medicine) to wear off
    (약) 기운이 떨어지다
  26. The effects, influence of alcohol
  27. To sober up (Lit. 'The effects of alcohol to leave, go away)
    술기운이 가시다
  28. To be, feel (a little) tipsy (Lit. 'The effects of alcohol to be there [a little])
    술기운이 (조금) 있다
  29. Disturbance, interruption, interference, obstruction, hindrance, block, jam
  30. To disturb, interrupt, interfere, obstruct, hinder, block, jam
  31. To disturb one's sleep
    수면을 방해하다
  32. To obstruct, block traffic
    교통을 방해하다
  33. To be sorry to interrupt, have interrupted, (disturbed) sb
    "I'm sorry to interrupt, have interrupted (you)."
    • 방해를 해서 죄송하다
    • "방해를 해서 죄송합니다"
  34. To be disturbed, interrupted (Lit. 'To receive interruption, disturbance, hindrance, obstruction')
    방해 (를) 받다
  35. To be a hindrance, obstruction, interference (To get, stand, be in the way)
    방해가 되다
  36. (Sub.) to be a disturbance, hindrance to (sb, sth)
    (Sub.) + (사람)에게, (n.)에 방해가 되다
  37. The (sound of the) music to bother, disturb, to a disturbance
    음악 소리가 방해가 되다
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