Ch. 13 Theatre

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  1. stage worthy
    strong enough to withstand the use inflicted on them when used on the stage, for example, sofas/chairs that are stood and/or danced on; tables that break apart during fights, and so forth
  2. prop table
    a table, normally located in the wings, on which hand props are stored when not in use onstage
  3. blackout
    when the stage is completely dark. The stage lights are out and no other lights are on.
  4. self-tapping
    screws that drill their own pilot holes as they are power-screwed into wood or metal. The screws have an auger-like tip that drills a smaller diameter hole than the screw threads.
  5. carcass
    the foundation structure of something, for example, the framework of a cabinet
  6. spindle chuck
    a device used to hold wood in a lathe
  7. stock furniture
    items owned by the producing organization and held in storage until they are needed for a production
  8. dress
    to place decorative props such as curtains, doilies, knickknacks, or magazines on the set to help make the environment look lived-in and provide clues to the personality of the set's inhabitants
  9. valance
    a horizontal element at the top of a drapery arrangement that covers the curtain rod
  10. drape
    a vertical element of heavy fabric that frames the sides of a window or archway; can usually be pulled across the opening
  11. sheer
    a thin gauze curtain that hangs across the opening of a window to soften the "sunlight" and obscure the view into a room
  12. paperclay
    a nontoxic modeling material that can be sculpted, molded or shaped, and air dries to a hard finish that can be carved or sanded
  13. model
    an object that is being used as the subject of a mold casting
  14. undercut
    an indentation in a form that leaves an overhang or concave profile--for example, the nostrils in a mask of a face
  15. armature
    a basic skeletal form that holds the covering materials in the desire shape or alignment
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