Strat 3

  1. Opportunity
    condition in general environment that if exploited, helps a company achieve strategic competitiveness   (within a vision)
  2. Threat
    condition in general environment that may hinder a company's efforts to achieve strategic competitiveness (within a vision)
  3. General Environment
    environment for all firms and industries
  4. Industry Environment
    factors and conditions influencing a firm's profitability within an industry
  5. Competitor Environment
    focused on predicting the dynamics of competitors' actions, responses, and intentions
  6. General Environment Dimensions (6)
    • 1)Economic
    • 2)Sociocultural
    • 3)Global
    • 4)Technological
    • 5)Political/Legal
    • 6)Demographic
  7. Technological Segment
    product innovations, applications of knowledge, focus of private and govt. supported R&D expenditures, new communication technologies
  8. Economic Segment
    • Inflation rates, interest rates, trade deficits/surpluses, budget deficits/surpluses,
    • personal savings rate, business savings rates, GDP
  9. Sociocultural Segment
    women in workplace, workforce diversity, attitudes about quality of worklife, concerns about environment, shifts in work and career preferences, shifts in product and service preferences
  10. Global Segment
    Global markets, global supply, global political and economic systems, culture and ideologies
  11. Political Segment
    • antitrust and taxation laws, deregulation philosophies, labor training laws, educational philosophies and policies, presidential
    • election
  12. Political/Legal:
    • Scanning:identify pattern
    • Monitoring:make sense of pattern
    • Forecasting:predicting time, scale, and sustainability of influence
  13. Demographic Segment
    population size, age structure, geographic distribution, ethnic mix, income distribution
  14. Cognitive Limits of Human Beings
    • -Bounded Rationality
    • -Escalation of commitment
    • -Ignorance of small possibility event
    • -Illusion of control
    • -Pure Bias
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