inter phys-chem, for the exam, CD 5

  1. Which of the following would decrease your carbon footprint?

    B. using any bag more than once
  2. Plants remove which greenhouse gas from the atmosphere?

    C. carbon dioxide
  3. Night vision glasses detect _______ energy emitted from cooling objects.
  4. T/F: All scientists agree that the current warming trend is caused by human activity
  5. Which of the following is not part of the carbon cycle?

    B. evaporation of water from oceans
  6. A drop of vinegar (a weak acid) is placed on a sample of each of the materials below. Which will show the most active reaction?

    A. marble
  7. The blackbody curve for a star named Theta is shown below. What is the surface temperature of this star rounded to the nearest whole number?

    Image Upload 2

    D. 36,250 K
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inter phys-chem, for the exam, CD 5
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