U.S History

  1. 1. Cost-plus

    1. This system was put in place of bids asked for from companies that had the government pay for supplies up front with an added bonus at the end. The principle was that the company produced the supplies more quicker, and the supplies would be made more in quantity.

    2. African Americans were denied the right to vote. The Americans still supported their country. Employers also denied African Americans jobs.
  2. 3. Incentive

    4. Priotity
    3. A factor that motivates people to do something. The industry gave incentives to businesses to produce more in quantity and at a faster pace.

    4. A task put into importance. The WPB set priorities to produce and recieve authority to control the distribution of raw materials.
  3. 5. Consulting

    6. Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
    5. Without informing others of the information. Military agencies continued to sign contracts without consulting the WPB.

    6. A government agency set up during the depression. It was allowed to make loans to companies to help them cover the cost of converting to war production.
  4. 7. Liberty Ship

    8. War Production Board (WPB)
    7. The basic cargo ship used during the war. The ships were welded instead of riveted. Being welded the ships were easy to build and cheap to produce.

    8. January 1942, the WPB set the level and had control over the distribution of raw materials and supplies.
  5. 9. Selective Service and Training Act

    Double V- African Americans were encouraged to join the war. Build a better society after the war. Double victory- victory over Hitler and racial tention at home.
    9. In June 1940, a plan for the first peace time draft in American History.
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