Ch. 10 Theatre

  1. starter hole
    a small hole bored into a piece of wood or metal to hold the tip of a screw or drill bit; also called a pilot hole
  2. kerf
    the width of the cut made by a saw blade
  3. miter
    an angle that is cut in a piece of work, usually in pairs to form a corner
  4. sole
    the bottom plate of a plane, with a slot through which the tip of the blade projects
  5. center punch
    a pointed tool made from a similar type of hard steel as the cold chisel and used for indenting shallow holes in wood and metal
  6. chuck
    the adjustable jawed clamp at the end of a drill that holds the drill bits
  7. dado head
    a saw accessory consisting of a set of toothed blades that sandwich a chisel-like chipper; the blades smooth-cut the outside edges of the kerf while the chipper gouges out the wood between the blades; the distance between the blades is variable
  8. molding cutter head
    a heavy cylindrical arbor in which a variety of matched cutter blades or knives can be fit
  9. strike
    taking down and/or destruction of the set following the conclusion of a play's production run
  10. flux
    a chemical that reduces surface oxidation, which would prevent the solder or filler rod (welding) and the metal being soldered or welded from flowing together
  11. lauan
    also known as Phillipine mahogany. This 1/8 inch plywood is strong and quite flexible. Commonly used as a flat-covering material and for covering curved surface forms
  12. paper clad
    both sides covered with paper
  13. plug
    a wooden insert used to replace a knothole or other imperfection in the surface layer of a sheet of plywood
  14. keystones and cornerblocks
    pieces of 1/4 inch AD plywood used to reinforce joints in the construction of stage flats
  15. scale
    a black scaly coat that forms on iron when it is heated for processing
  16. 1-inch centers
    the centers of adjacent elements, such as holes, are spaced 1 inch apart
  17. casting resin
    any of a number of liquid plastics used for casting forms in molds
  18. skid
    a low-profile substitute for a wagon; usually a piece of 3/4 inch plywood on which some small scenic element is placed
  19. Allen wrench
    • an L-shaped piece of steel rod with a hexagonal
    • cross-sectional shape; used for working with Allen-head screws and bolts
  20. flush
    smooth, level, even
  21. dutchman
    a 5 to 6 inch wide strip of cloth of the same material as the flat covering; applied over joints between flats to give the appearance of a smooth, unbroken wall unit
  22. leaf
    the movable flap of a hinge
  23. stile
    a vertical side member of a flat
  24. dowel
    a short cylinder of hardwood (usually birch)
  25. dust mask
    a device covering the nose and mouth that filters particulate matter from the air
  26. respirator
    a mask covering the nose and mouth that filters out gases as well as particulate matter
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