Part 2

  1. Input to Anterior Nucleus
    Mammillary bodies and hippocampus
  2. Cortical output from anterior nuclei
    Cingulate gyrus - Memory and Emotion
  3. Input to lateral dorsal
    temporal lobe and superior colliculus
  4. Cortical output from lateral dorsal
    cingulate gryus, visual association cortex - Visual Memory
  5. Input from VA/VL
    Basal Ganglia/cerebellum
  6. Cortical output from VA/VL
    Motor areas - Planning and Coordination
  7. Input from VPL
    Sensory pathways in body
  8. Cortical Output from VPL
    Somatosensory cortex
  9. Input to VPM
    trigeminal nucleus of C IV (Face and Neck)
  10. Cortical output for VPM
    somatomsensory cortex, insula
  11. Input to MGN
    Inferior Colliculus
  12. Cortical Output to MGB
    Auditory cortex
  13. Input to LGB
    Optic tract
  14. Cortical Output to LGB
    Visual Cortex
  15. Input to DM
    Limbic Lobe
  16. Cortical Output to DM
    Prefrontal cortex - Executive respose, decision making
  17. Input to LP
    superior colliculus
  18. Cortical output from LP
    parietal, temporal, and occiptial lobe - Visual processing and response
  19. Input to pulvinar
    Visual cortex
  20. Cortical output from Pulvinar
    Parietal, temporal, occipital lobs - visual processing and memory
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Part 2
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