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  1. iv drug abusers are at risk for what kind of pneumonia
    cavitary/necrotizing staph. aureus pneumonia
  2. inheritance of adrenoleukodystrophy?
    x linked
  3. what is the enzyme def in adrenoleukodystrophy?
    perixosmal very long chain fatty oxidase
  4. bradycardia post mi, rx?
    if 1st line doesnt work
    • atropine
    • transcutaneous pacemaker
  5. what htn drug causes rebound htn after discontinuation
  6. what is osteitis deformans
    pagets disease
  7. next step in necrosis of pancreas?
    aspiration of the necrosed part to see if there is infection
  8. presentation of inclusion body myositis vs polymyositis
     and dx of each
    • dysphagia + proximal muscle weakness-biopsy
    • polymyositis--proximal muscle weakness- ana
  9. most accurate test for ischemic colitis
    acute mesenteric ischemia
    • colonoscopy
    • angiography
  10. best initial rx for kidney stones
    analgesics and hydration
  11. rx for ocd
  12. rx for pid in pid?
    hospital admit + clinda + genta
  13. type 2 rta causes what
    osteomalacia bc of phosphate wasting in renal tubule and loss of ca from bone from the acid
  14. what is myelophthisic anemia
    anemia from the cells that are pushed out of the bone marrow by other cells
  15. when treating copd exacerbation, what must be kept in mind
    albuterol as it will cause tachy
  16. what antiarrhythmic inhibits cyt  p 450?
  17. rx for distal rectum and colon uc?
    5 asa enema/rectally
  18. most accurate test for sideroblastic anemiap
    prussian blue stain for ringed sideroblasts
  19. criteria for wean of ventilator
    • alert and oriented
    • stable vs
    • pa02/fi02>200
    • peep<5
    • Ve<12
    • Vt>10
  20. what are the symptoms and treatment for black widow and brown recluse spider bites
    black widow--abdo. pain, hypocalcemia

    brown recluse--skin necrosis--dapsone
  21. most common heart condition in infants of diabeteic mother
    assymmetric septal hypertorphy that recedes with time
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