Ch. 8 Theatre

  1. foreshortening
    representing the lines of an object as shorter than they actually are in order to give the illusion of proper relative size
  2. vanishing point
    the point on the horizon to which a set of parallel lines recedes
  3. horizon line
    a line in a perspective drawing representing the meeting of the earth and the sky; normally drawn parallel to the top or bottom edge of the paper
  4. floor line
    the base of the vertical plane in a perspective drawing; for a proscenium sketch, usually drawn across the stage in contact with the downstage edge of the proscenium arch; in a thrust drawing, normally placed just outside of the auditorium end of the thrust; in an arena sketch, usually placed in the aisle closest to the observer
  5. line of vision
    the vertical line drawn from OP to the floor line in a perspective grid; represents the line of sight from the observer to the vertical plane
  6. perspective-view base line
    the bottom edge of a perspective drawing
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