Ch. 7 Theatre

  1. draw to scale
    to produce a likeness that is a proportional reduction of an object
  2. specifications
    clarifying notes that explain the building materials, textures, or special effects to be used in a design or other project
  3. blueline
    to copy drawings made on tracing vellum; the line on the vellum are printed in blue or, sometimes, in black; also known as the diazo process
  4. pig
    a bag of loosely woven fabric containing powdered eraser material
  5. plotter
    a printer used to produce computer-generated drafting sheets and drawings on large paper
  6. cut list
    a list of the color media required for the lighting design for a particular production categorized by hue and size; used to assist in ordering and cutting the color media for a lighting design
  7. horizontal offset section
    a section drawing with a horizontal cutting plane, which does not remain fixed but varies to provide a view of important details
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Ch. 7 Theatre
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