U.S History

  1. 1. Hemispheric Defense Zone

    2. Strategic materials
    1. Split boundries for defense. The entire western half of the Alantic was the western hemisphere and it remanied neutral. The U.S Navy patrolled the western Altlantic and discoverd the locations of the German ships and gave the locations to the British.

    2. Materials that were necessary to fight in a war. These materials were restricted to other countries. Roosevelt blocked the sale of airplane fuel and scrap to Japan. Japan then signed an alliance with Germany and Italy forming the Axis powers.
  2. 3. Eliminate

    4. Policy
    3. To destroy of delete. Roosevelt asked congress to eliminate the ban on arms sales to nations at war.

    4. A set of ideas that a mass number of people follow. Churchill said that "who fights against Nazism will have our aid," and Roosevelt supported this policy.
  3. 5. Primary

    6. American First Committee
    5. An important idea/ task put into importance. Between August 1939 and December 1941, Roosevelt's primary goal was to help Britian defeat Germany.

    6. September 1940 an isolationist group that firmly opposed any American interventional aid to the allies.
  4. 7. Lend Lease Act
    7. The Unites States would be able to lend or lease arms to any country "vital to defend the United States".
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