Ch. 1 Theatre

  1. followspot
    a lighting instrument with a high-intensity, narrow beam; mounted in a stand that allows it to tilt and swivel so the beam can "follow" an actor
  2. production team
    everyone working, in any capacity, on the production of the play
  3. production design team
    the producer, director, and scenic, costume, lighting, sound, and other designers who develop the visual and aural concept for the production
  4. production concept
    the creative interpretation of the script, which will unify the artistic vision of producer, director, and designers
  5. supernumerary
    an actor, normally not called for in the script, used in a production; an extra; a walk-on
  6. technical rehearsals
    run-throughs in which the sets, lights, props, and sound are introduced into the action of the play
  7. blocking
    movement patterns, usually of actors, on the stage
  8. shift rehearsal
    a run-through without actors to practice changing the scenery and props
  9. cue
    a directive for action, for example, a change in the lighting
  10. lighting rehearsal
    a run-through without the actors to look at the intensity, timing, and placement of the various light cues
  11. dress rehearsal
    a run-through in which the actors wear costumes and makeup
  12. prompt book
    a copy of the script with details about each actor's blocking as well as the location of all sets, props, lights, and sound cues
  13. stage business
    a specific action, also known as a "bit," performed by an actor during the play
  14. call
    to tell specific crew members when to perform their cues
  15. properties
    such elements as furniture, lamps, pictures, table linens, bric-a-brac, and window drapes that provide the finished set with visual character
  16. running
    controlling or operating some aspect of production
  17. plate
    a sheet of mechanical drawings, drawn to scale
  18. shift
    to change the position of the scenery, props, or stage equipment
  19. hanging
    placing lighting instruments and equipment in the designated positions on the light plot
  20. focusing
    directing light from the lighting instruments to a specific area
  21. curcuit
    to connect a lighting instrument to a stage circuit
  22. patch
    to connect a stage circuit to a dimmer circuit
  23. hookup sheet
    a sheet containing pertinent information (hanging position, circuit, dimmer, color, lamp wattage, focusing notes) about every lighting instrument used in the production. Also known as an instrument schedule
  24. color media
    the colored plastic, gel, or glass filters used in lighting instruments
  25. focus
    to direct light from a lighting instrument to a specific location
  26. warp and weft
    the vertical and horizontal threads in a fabric
  27. dress
    in this context, dress refers to the process of curling, combing, teasing, and/or brushing necessary to maintain the style of a wig or hairpiece
  28. street makeup
    makeup worn in everyday life
  29. sound-reinforcement system
    the amplification of sound coming from the stage
  30. wireless microphone
    a microphone system that uses a short-range FM radio transmitter and receiver instead of a cable to send the signal from the microphone to the mixer
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Ch. 1 Theatre
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