1. cloudy urine is sx of what ?
  2. what analgesic may make urine darker
  3. what mineral suppl do CKD pts need
    iron b/c of decr erythropoietin
  4. sx of metabolic alkalosis
    "tetany, tachy, confusion, sz"
  5. sx of metabolic acidosis
    "n/v, brady"
  6. hyperparathyroidism cause what kinds of kidney stones
    Ca oxalate
  7. what uric acid level is dx of gout
    GT 7
  8. inevitable sequela of polycystic kidney dz
  9. ethnic group and gender with highest prevalence of kidney stones
    white men
  10. def of anuria
    LT 100 mL of urine in 24h
  11. most common cause of CRF
    diabetic nephropathy
  12. what level spinal lesions cause overflow UI
    below S2
  13. other than spinal lesions other dz causes of overflow UI
    "DM, BPH"
  14. what level spinal lesions cause reflex UI
    above S2
  15. what neuro condition other than spinal lesions causes reflex UI
  16. cystine and uric acid stones usu formed in acidic or alkalotic urine
  17. "Ca, struvite stones usu formed in acidic or alkalotic urine"
  18. what stones should not be treated with lithotripsy
    struvite b/c have bacteria inside
  19. diet in ARF should be high in what
  20. leading cause of death in dialysis pts
    CV dz
  21. near drowning causes what kind of RF
  22. one cause of stress UI in women
    decr estrogen
  23. BPH causes what kind of UI
  24. bladder irritation causes what kind of UI
  25. should child with hypospadias be circumcised
    no b/c surgeon may need prepuce tissue
  26. most common causde of enuresis in children
    maturational delay
  27. normal PaCO2
  28. normal HCO3
  29. test for HTN secondary to pheochromocytoma
    VMA and catecholamines
  30. dx test for renal tumar
    IV pyelogram
  31. Does complete cystectomy lead to impotence
  32. fluid reqs in ARF given previous days UOP
    prev day UOP plus 500mL for insensible loss
  33. def of oliguria
    LT 500 mL in 24h
  34. test for postural proteinuria
    urine collections at arising and 2h later
  35. what diuretics act at asc loop of Henle
    loop diuretics like furosemide
  36. med to raise urine pH GT 6.5 to avoid uric acid stones
    Urocit K (pot citrate)
  37. will pts with uric acid stones have elevated serum uric acid
    no not usually
  38. what serum labs are usu abnml in nephrotic syndrome
    decr serum albumin and Na
  39. Normal albumin
    3.2-4.5 g/dL
  40. normal Na
  41. normal Ca
  42. ESRD effect on DM and why?
    more hypoglycemic episodes b/c insulin is not being excreted
  43. what type of WBC in urine in UTI and nephritis and ATN
  44. test before using radial artery for ABG
    allen test
  45. med for Ca stones
    thiazide diuretics
  46. most common cond that predisposes to stones
    idiopathic hypercalciuria
  47. veggies high in oxalates
    "asparagas, beets, cabbage, celery, green beans, tomatoes"
  48. best confirmatory tests for microalbumuria
    spot nighttime collections or early a.m.
  49. what med relaxes bladder and prevents urge UI
    Ditropan (oxybutynin)
  50. what med treats urinary retention and causes detrusor muscle contraction
    Urecholine an cholinergic agent
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