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  1. a high pulse with a palpable thrill and auditory bruit is suggestive of what?
    high output from an av malformation
  2. volkmans contracture?
    compartment syndrome due to a fracture of the supracondyle of the humerus impeding the brachial artery blood flow
  3. how is hyperemesis gravidarum diagnosed?
    • loss of >5% of pregestational weight
    • promethazine is the drug from vomiting
    • pyridoxyine and doxylamine only prevent nausea
  4. when is sx indicated for asymptomatic gallstones?
    in sickle cell dz
  5. in terms of serum and urine sodium and serum and urine osmolality what happens in a contraction alkalosis
    • low serum sodium, low serum osmolaltiy
    • low urine sodium, high urine osmolality
  6. next step in evaluating digoxin toxicity?
    electolytes to check for hypokalemia
  7. most common cause of congenital hypothyroid?
    thyroid dysgenesis
  8. what is the induction and maintenance phase for cryptococcus meningitis
    amphotericin b + flucytosine and then fluconazole untill cd4 >100
  9. when do you do sx for infective endocarditis
    • chf, ruptured chordae tendine
    • fungal endocarditis
    • prostethic valves
    • av block
    • recurrent emboli while on antibiotics
  10. when do you replace the valve with endocarditis
    if the endocarditis is fungal
  11. symptoms of ttp
    • fever
    • anemia
    • thrombocytopenia
    • renal failure
    • neuro
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