U.S History

  1. 1. Appeasement

    2. Blitzkrieg
    1. Britian and France agreed to Hitler's demands. It's the policy of giving concessions in exchange for peace. Supporters believed Hitler had few demands.

    2. A lightning war. Germans used this type of war which used laurge numbers of mass tanks to break through and circle many enemies. Aircraft was also used.
  2. 3. Regime

    4. Furthermore
    3. A group of govenment. "The Nazi regime ws much weaker before 1940." European leaders didn't try to stop Hitler, they tried to save the issues through peace offerings.

    4. In conclusion of, or followed by. "Furthermore, Austria had no allies to help it defend itself, but czechoslavakia was allied with Freance and the Soviet Union.
  3. 5. Anticipate

    6. Anschluss
    5. To know beforehand, to predict and wait for something to happen. "Neither Petain or HItler anticipated the bravery of the British people." (British led by Winston Churchill.

    6. "Unification," The unification of Austria and Germany as Hitler sent troops into Austria.
  4. 7. Maginot Line

    8. Winston Churchill
    7. Concrete bunkers the French put up along the German border.

    8. British leader who became prime minister. Peace was not an option for him; he wanted civilization.
  5. 9. Battle of Britian
    9. An air battle which lasted into the fall of 1940 when the German attacked the British.

    • 1938- Hitler announces German-Austrian unification
    • 1939- Hitler and Stalin sigh Nazi-Soviet pact
    • 1939- World War II begins
    • 1940- France surrenders to Germany
    • 1940 Battle of Britian begins
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