Verbal Ability 4

  1. Fanatical
    • acying excessively enthusiastic, filled with extreme, unquestioned devotion
    • The stormtroopers were fanatical in their devotion to the Emperor, readily sacrificing their lives for him.

    • Similar: extremist, fiery, zealous,frenzied
  2. Fawn
    • to grovel
    • The understudy fawned over the director in hopes of being cast in the part on a permanent basis.

    Similar: bootlick, grovel, pander,toady,pander
  3. Fervid
    • intensely emotional, everish
    • The fans of Maria Callas were particularly fervid, doig anything to catch a glimpse of the great opera singer.

    Similar: burning, impassioned,passionate,zealous, vehement
  4. Florid
    • excessively decorated or embellished
    • THe palce had been decorated in an excessively florid style; every surface had been carved and gilded.

    Similar:Baroque, elaborate,flamboyant, Rococo, ostentatious
  5. Foment
    • to arouse or incite
    • The rebels treid to foment revolution through their attacks on the government.

    Similar: agitate,impassion,inflame,kindle,instigate
  6. Fortuitous
    • happening by chance, fortunate
    • It was fortuitous the he won the lotto just before he had to pay back his loans.

    Similar: chance,fortunate,propitious,prosperous,haphazard,lucky
  7. Frugality
    • tending to be thrifty or cheap
    • Scrooge McDuck's frugality was so great that he accumulated enough wealth to fill a giant storehouse with money.

    Similar: economical,prudence,parsimony,sparing
  8. Garrulous
    • tending to talk a lot
    • The garrulos parakeet distracted its owner with its continuous talking.

    Similar: effusive, loquacious
  9. Gregarious
    • outgoin, sociable
    • She was so greagarious that when she found herself alone she felt quite sad.

    Similar: affable,communative,congenial,sociable
  10. Guile
    • deceit, trieckery
    • Since he was not fast enough to catch the rad -runner on foot, the coyote resorted to guile in an effort to trap his enemy.

    Similar: artifice,chicanery,duplicity,connivery
  11. Gullible
    • easily deceived
    • The con man pretended to be a bank officer so as to fool gullible bank customers into giving him their account information.

    Similar: credulous,exploitable,naive
  12. Homogenous
    • of similar kind
    • The class was fairly homogenous since almost all of the studnets were journalism majors.

    Similar: consistant,uniform,unvarying,standardized
  13. Iconoclast
    • one who opposes established beliefs, customs and instituions
    • His lack of regard for traditional beliefs soon established him as an iconoclast.

    Similar: maverick,rebel,nonconformist,revolutionary
  14. Imperturbable
    • not capable of being disturbed
    • The counselor had so much experience dealing with distraught children that she was impertubable, even when faced with the wildest tantrums.

    Similar: composed,serene,dispassionate,impassive,stoical
  15. Impervious
    • imossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected
    • A good raincoat will be impervious to moisture.

    Similar: resistant,impergnable
  16. Impetuous
    • quick to act without thinking
    • It is not good for an investment broker to be impetuous since much thought should be given to all the possible options.

    Similar: impulsive,reckless,precipitate,rash,spontaneous
  17. Implacable
    • unable to be calmed down or made peaceful
    • His rage at the betrayal was so great that he remained implacable for weeks.

    Similar: inexorable,relentless,intransigent,irreconcilable,unforgiving
  18. Inchoate
    • not fully formed, disorganized
    • The ideas expressed in Nietzsches's mature work also appear in an inchoate form in his earliest writing.

    Similar: amorphous,incoherent,unorganized
  19. Ingenuous
    • showing innocence or childlike simplicity
    • She was so ingenuous that her friends feared that her innocence ans trustfulness would be exploited when she visited the big city.

    Similar: artless, naive,guileless,simple,innocent,unaffected
  20. Inimical
    • Hostile, unfriendly
    • Even though a cease-fire had been in place for months, the two sides were still inimical to each other.

    Similar: adverse,dissident,antagonistic,recalcitrant
  21. Innocuous
    • harmless
    • Some snakes are poisonous, but most species are innocuous and pose no danger to humans.

    Similar: benign,inoffensive,harmles,insipid
  22. Insipid
    • lacking interest or flavor
    • The critic claimed that the painting was insipid, containing no interesting qualities at all.

    Similar: banal, bland, stale, vapid,dull
  23. Intransigent
    • uncompromising, refusing to be reconciled
    • The profesor was intransigent on the deadline, insisting that everyone turn the assignment in at the same time.

    Similar: implacable,obdurate,rigid,inexorable,obstinate,unbending
  24. Inundate
    • to overwhelm, to cover with water
    • The tidal wave inundated Atlantis, which was lost beneath the water.

    Similar: deluge,flood,drown,engulf,submerge
  25. Irascible
    • easliy made angry
    • Atilla the Hun's irascible and violent nature made all who dealt with him fear for their lives.

    Similar: cantankerous,onery,irratable,testy
  26. Laconic
    • using few words
    • He was the classic laconic native of Maine, who talked as if he were being charged for each word.

    Similar: concise,terse,curt,pithy,tacitrum
  27. Lament
    • to express sorrow, to grieve
    • The children continued to lament the death of the goldfish weeks after its demise.

    Similar: bewail, grieve,deplore,mourn
  28. Lassitude
    • a state of diminished energy
    • The lack of energy that characterizes patients with anemia makes lassitude one of th primary symptoms of disease.

    Similar: debilitation, languor,enervation,listlessness,weariness,fatigue,tiredness
  29. Latent
    • potential that is not readily apparent
    • Latent trait testinf seeks to identify skills that the test-taker may have that they are not aware of.

    Similar: dormant,inert,quiescent,potential,concealed
  30. Laud
    • to give praise, to glorify
    • Parades and fireworks were staged to laud the success of the rebels.

    Similar: acclaim, compliment, hail, exalt,commend,extol, praise
  31. Lavish
    • extremely generous or extravagant; to give unsaringly
    • She lavished the puppy with so any treats that is soon became overweight and spoiled.

    Similar: bestow, extravagant,confer,opulent,luxuriant,profuse,exuberant,superabundant
  32. Lethargic
    • acting in an idifferent or slow, sluggish manner
    • The clerk was so lethargic that, even when the store was slow, he always had a long line in front of him.

    Similar: languid, listless,torpid,lackadaisical
  33. Loquacious
    • talkative
    • She was naturally loquacious, which is a problem in situations where listening is more important than talking.

    Similar: effusive, garrulous, verbose
  34. Lucid
    • clear and easily understood
    • The explanations were written in a simple and lucid manner so that students were immediately able to apply what they learned.

    Similar: clear , intelligible, coherent,explicit,limpid
  35. Luminous
    • bright, brilliant, glowing
    • The part was bathed in luminous sunshine which warmed the bodies and the souls of the visitors.

    incandescent, radiant, lucent, lustrous, resplendent
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