4th grade social studies Unit 5 midwest region

  1. 1914 - 1950 - A time when many African Americans migrated to this region.
    The Great Migration
  2. 7 cities that sprang up along the river banks and grew into large cities in the region.
    • St. Paul
    • St. Louis
    • Louisville
    • Cincinnati,¬†
    • Omaha
    • Kansas City
    • Minneapolis
  3. Name the 3 main rivers running through this region.
    • Mississippi River
    • Missouri River
    • Ohio River
  4. Two Native American tribes from this region are...
    The Ojibwa and Lakota
  5. About 1/2 of the wheat raised in Kansas is...
    Sold to other countries
  6. In the early 1500's European traders came to the Midwest for...
    New and inexpensive supplies of fur
  7. By 1850 the Midwest housed about
    5 million people
  8. Tall buildings and skyscrapers were possible due to this invention.
  9. The invention of machines to help harvest changed farming from this...
    Small family farms to farms that raised crops for money
  10. Among the Midwest's industries is....
    Dairy farming
  11. Not only is the Midwest called the Heartland, but it is also nicknamed...
    America's Breadbasket
  12. The Badlands are in these 3 Midwest states.
    • North Dakota
    • South Dakota
    • Nebraska
  13. What is the climate in the midwest?
    Hot in the summer and cold in the winter with occasional tornadoes.
  14. How did this area get the nickname of America's Breadbasket and the Heartland?
    It has rich soil that provides ideal conditions for farming.
  15. This area had many factories because of the production of....
  16. An important resource found in the Midwest used to make steel is...
  17. When workers and machines put together a product in steps with each worker or machine doing only one task over and over again.
    Assembly line
  18. The two mountain ranges the Midwest is between is...
    The Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains
  19. It is believed that the Great Lakes were formed by...
  20. When the top layer of earth is removed so one can scoop up the mineral or rock that is exposed.
    Open-pit mining
  21. A large farm owned by a company...
  22. People who are related to a particular person or group of people who lived long ago.
  23. Manufacturing many of the same products at one time.
    mass production
  24. A large movement of people or animals from one place to another...
  25. Land that is able to produce crops and plants easily...
  26. A flat or rolling land covered with grass...
  27. A custom that is passed down from generation to generation...
  28. The one Great Lake that is NOT in the Midwest region.
    Lake Ontario
  29. Name the Great Lakes (be able to label them on a map)
    • Lake Huron
    • Lake Ontario
    • Lake Michigan
    • Lake Erie
    • Lake Superior
    • HOMES
  30. A person who leads the way or settles in a new part of the country.
  31. A mineral or rock that is mined for metal or other substances it contains.
  32. The capital of South Dakota
  33. The capital of Nebraska
  34. The capital of Kansas...
  35. The capital of Illinois...
  36. The capital of Missouri
    Jefferson City
  37. The capital of Iowa
    Des Moines
  38. The capital of Minnesota...
    St. Paul
  39. The capital of North Dakota
  40. The capital of Ohio...
  41. The capital of Michigan...
  42. The capital of Indiana...
  43. The capital of Wisconsin...
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