Mark 2 vocab

  1. χωρεω
    to make room, move, pass
  2. αποστεγαζω
    to remove or break through a covering or roof
  3. εξορυσσω
    to dig out or through, force up
  4. χαλαω
    to slacken, to let down, lower
  5. κραβαττος
    mattress, pallet, bed
  6. ευκοπος
  7. εξιστημι
    pr. to put out of its place, to astonish, amaze
  8. τελωνιον
    a custom-house, toll-house, collector's office
  9. ιατρος
  10. νυμφιος
  11. οι υιοι του νυμφωνος
    lit. sons of the bridal, groomsmen
  12. ρακος
    a piece torn off, a bit of cloth, cloth (connected to raka - fool?)
  13. αγναφος
    unshrunken, new
  14. επιραπτω
    to sew on (from raphis - needle)
  15. επιβλημα
    that which is put over or on (epi - ballew?), a patch
  16. χειρων
    worse, more severe
  17. ασκους
    a leather bag, bottle of skin
  18. ρηξει
    3,s,f,a,i from ρηγνυμι to rend, shatter, break, or burst.
  19. σποριμος
    sown, fit to be sown, (w/ article) fields which are sown, fields of grain, corn
  20. τιλλω
    to pull, pluck off
  21. σταχυς
    ear of corn, head of grain
  22. εξεστι
    from unused εξειμι, it is possible, permitted, lawful
  23. προθεσις
    a setting forth. οι αρτοι της προθεσεως - the shewbread
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