Govt 2

  1. social mobility
    extent to which ppl. move upward or downward in income and status over a lifetime or generation
  2. class conflict
    conflict btwn the upper and lower class over wealth and power
  3. class consciousness
    awareness of class position and feeling of political solidarity with others of same class against other classes
  4. Immigration Policy
    regulating the entry of non-citizens into the country
  5. aliens
    people residing in a nation who are not citizens
  6. Subcultures
    VARIATIONS in values and beliefs in society
  7. classical liberalism
    political philosophy, asserts worth & dignity of the individual, empasizing the ability to make one's own destiny
  8. beliefs
    shared ideas about what is TRUE
  9. natural law
    • John Locke
    • rules for humans that are superior than laws made by the govt.
  10. Values
    shared ideas about what is GOOD & DESIRABLE
  11. capitalism
    • economic system
    • asserts indv. right to own, buy, sell, rent, trade, private property in free market
  12. political culture
    widely SHARED ideas about who should govern, for what ends, by what means
  13. political equality
    belief that every VOTE counts EQUALLY
  14. amnesty
    Govt. forgiveness of a crime usually to a group of ppl.
  15. legal equality
    LAW should apply EQUALLY to all
  16. Equality of Opportunity
    every indv. same beginning, elimination of aritificial barriers to success in life
  17. equality of results
    equally sharing income & results
  18. illelgal immigration
    unlawful entry of a person into a nation
  19. passport
    evidence of US citizenship, allows travel abroad and to reenter US
  20. Visa
    document or stamp on passport allowing a person to visit a foreign country
  21. secular
    in politics, reference to opposition to religious symbols and practices in daily life
  22. ideology
    consistent & integrated sys. of ideas, values, beliefs
  23. conservatism
    • belief in:
    • free market
    • limited govt
    • indv. self-reliance in econ. affairs
    • tradition, morality, law
  24. liberalism
    belief in value of strong govt. to provide econ. security, protect civil rights, personal freedom from government intervention in social conduct
  25. Libertarians
    oppose govt. intervention in both economic/private lives
  26. left
    ref. to liberal, progressive, socialist, communist side of political spectrum
  27. right
    fascist, extreme nationalist, ref. to conservative, traditional, anticommunist side of political spectrum
  28. fascism
    political ideology in which state/race is supreme over indvs.
  29. marxism
    theories of Karl Marx - capitalist oppress workers, worlwide revolution and classless society are inevitable
  30. Leninism
    theories of Vladamir Lenin - adv. capitalistj countries turn toward war & colonialism to make own workers prosper
  31. Communism
    sys. of govt. in which single totalitarian party controls all means of production/distribution of goods/services
  32. socialism
    sys. of govt. involving collective or govt. ownership of economic enterprise w/ goal of equality of results not just equal opportunity
  33. end of history
    collapse of communism and worldwide movement toward free market and political democracy
  34. Politically Correct (PC)
    repression of attitudes, speech, writings that are deemed racist, sexistm homophobicm and insensitive
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