4th Grade Social Studies Unit 4 Southeast region test

  1. French settlers who settled in Louisiana.
  2. Name some people who were leaders in the Civil Rights movement...
    • Martin Luther King, Jr.
    • Ralph Abernathy
    • Rosa Parks
  3. The most important crop in this region in the 1800's.
  4. The journey the Native Americans were forced to take to Oklahoma so the early settlers could have their land.
    Trail of Tears
  5. Tourists who came to the Southeast Region to escape the cold.
  6. African immigrants came to this region against their will to become _________.
  7. After the Civil War ended in 1860 the African Americans still had this problem in the south, what was it?
    They were discriminated against.
  8. What is the oldest settlement in this country where Spanish explorers settled?
    St. Augustine
  9. Describe the climate in most of the Southeast states.
    Warm or hot summers and mild winters.
  10. Name the Native American tribes that settled in this area.
    • Creek,
    • Cherokee
    • Seminole
    • Choctaw
  11. A factory which turns crude oil into useful products such as heating oil, gasoline, plastic, and paint.
  12. A form of language spoken in a certain place by a specific group of people.
  13. The practice of keeping racial groups separate.
  14. A Virginian settlement set up by English explorers in 1607.
  15. Name 3 leading crops grown in this area today.
    • Any of these will do...
    • cotton
    • tobacco
    • sweet potatoes
    • peaches
    • pecans
    • oranges
    • peanuts
  16. Name 3 different kinds of music this region is known for...
    • Any 3 of these will do...
    • jazz
    • bluegrass
    • blues
    • zydeco
    • rock n roll
    • soul
    • country
  17. A wall built along a river to keep it from overflowing onto the land.
  18. A fuel, commonly called oil, that forms underground from dead plants.
  19. An island formed when the ocean waves drop lots of sand near the coast line.  The natural occurrence acts like a wall protecting the mainland from waves.
  20. Name 2 important industries in this area today.
    • Any of the following will do...
    • electronics, 
    • computers
    • paper factories
    • furniture factories
    • car factories
    • soft drinks factories
    • tourism
  21. Resources that are easy to reproduce or grow back quickly like...trees, water, wind, cotton, tobacco, and other plants.
    Renewable Resources
  22. Resources that are available in limited supply and cannot be reproduced like coal, oil, and gas.
    Nonrenewable Resources
  23. Land with very high elevations
  24. Two large bodies of water found outlining this region.
    Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico
  25. An island made from bones or coral which rises above the ocean surface.
  26. This island is from underground rocks pushing together and being force upwards.
    Puerto Rico
  27. The second longest river in North America.
    Mississippi River
  28. How many levels of land are found in this region?
    3 levels
  29. The lowland by the coast line with fertile soil for farming.
    Coastal plain
  30. The land containing few hills and is located just above the coastal plain.
    Piedmont or foothills
  31. Areas of lowland with lots of rain.
    Wetlands or swamps
  32. The highest point in the Appalachian Mountains found in North Carolina.
    Mount Mitchell
  33. What is a peninsula?
    Land with water on 3 sides
  34. Which Southeast state is a peninsula?
  35. The capital of Mississippi
  36. The capital of Georgia
  37. The capital of North Carolina
  38. The capital of Alabama
  39. The capital of Florida
  40. The capital of South Carolina
  41. The capital of West Virginia
  42. The capital of Tennessee
  43. The capital of Virginia
  44. The capital of Kentucky
  45. The capital of Arkansas
    Little Rock
  46. The capital of Louisiana
    Baton Rouge
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