Rapid review

  1. Drugs that slow HR
    beta blockers, CCCbs, amiodarone, digoxin
  2. HOCM murmur
    systolic ejection murmur, lateral sternal border, inc with dec preload-valsalva, standing etc
  3. Murmur aortic stenosis
    sys cresc/decresc murmur radiates to neck
  4. Murmur aortic insufficiency
    diastolic decresc low pitched blowing, best heard sitting up
  5. MR murmur
    holosystolic, radiates to axilla, inc with inc afterload-handgrip
  6. MS murmur
    diastolic mid late low pitched, OS
  7. Dressler syndrome
    post mi 2-4 wks ai rxxn with fever, pericarditis, inc esr
  8. indications for repair of aaa
    >5.5 cm, enlarging, sympt, ruptured
  9. Target LDL in patient with DM
  10. Water bottle shaped heart
    pericardial effusion, look for pulsus paradoxes
  11. figure 3 shaped heart
  12. + and - nikolsky sign
    • + pemphigus vulgaris(worse)
    • -=bullous pemphigoid
  13. KOH spagetti and meatballs
    tinea versicolor
  14. Drug induced hepatitis causes
    tb meds, acetaminophen, tetracycline
  15. treatment hepatic encephalopathy
    dec protein, lactulose, rifaximin
  16. reynolds pentad
    • charcots triad(ruq pain/jaundice/fevers&chills)
    • + shock and mental status changes
    • signs of suppurative ascending cholangitis
  17. Hernia with highest risk of incarceration?
  18. MC inherited hemolytic anemia
    hereditary spherocytosis
  19. Pure red cell aplasia/
    diamond blackfan anemia
  20. TTP pentad
    • renal failure, fever, neuro abnormalities, 
    • thrombocytopenia, anemia
    • FAT RN
  21. RX TTP vs ITP
    • TTP: emergent plasmaphoresis, cst, antiplatelet drugs (NO PLT TRANSFUSION)
    • ITP: usu resolves spont, can use ivig or cst
  22. 10 yo, fever weight loss night sweats and ant mediastinal mass
  23. Tumor lysis syndrome electrolyte changes
    dec ca, inc k inc phos inc uric acid
  24. Heinz bodies
    thal, g6pd def, and post splenectomy
  25. Microcytic anemia with dec iron, dec TIBC and nml or inc ferritin?
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