VOP- Ch1 (Cert/non cert, direct/indirect)

  1. type of supervision-
    vet has given written or oral instructions to a staff member, is on the premises, and is easily and quickly available to assist the employee if a problem arises
    direct supervision
  2. type of supervision-
    vet is not on the premises
    is familiar with the case, and makes timely visits to where the animal is kept
    indirect supervision
  3. type of supervision-
    vet is in visual and audible range to assist, within the room
    immediate veterinary supervision
  4. what type of personnel/supervision does this describe?
    admin anesthesia (IV sedation, induction, intubation, maint., recovery)
    establish an open airway
    admin resus. drugs, oxygen
    admin external cardiac resus.
    Direct, certified tech
  5. what type of personnel/supervision does this describe?
    -dx imaging
    -IV catheter
    -admin immunizations (not rabies)
    -IM, IV, SQ meds/tx/etc
    -apply bandages
    -cardiac monitoring
    -control bleeding
    -splints/immobilizing bandages
    -ear flushing
    -give microchip
    indirect, certified tech
  6. what type of personnel/supervision does this describe?
    -ear flushing
    -dx imaging
    -IV cath.
    -admin immunizations (except rabies)
    -IM, SQ, and IV (catheter)
    -cardiac monitoring
    -control bleeding
    -maint. anesth., monitor
    -admin electronic ID
    direct, non certified
  7. what type of personnel/supervision does this describe?
    -admin anesthesia (IV sedation, induction, intubation
    -estab. open airway
    -admin resus drugs/oxygen
    -admin external cardiac resus
    immediate, non certified
  8. what are the 5 prohibited acts for a tech?
    • sx
    • dx
    • px
    • prescribe
    • attest to health stat (everything is going to be ok)
  9. the actions of the tech may result in the ___ being found guilty of ___ if an error endangers a client or pt.
    • veterinarian
    • malpractice
  10. what are the 7 most common duties of the receptionist?
    • answer phone
    • admission/discharge pts
    • record maintenance
    • health records
    • public relations
    • sales person
    • interior decorator
  11. for interstate/international travel, the animal must be examined within ___ ___ of travel, and are only valid for ___ ___
    • 7 days
    • 15 days
  12. what are the 5 other duties that a receptionist should know?
    • vaccination protocoal
    • diets
    • educate clients
    • local/state/federal laws
    • differentiate btw emergency and reg appt.
  13. what makes the 2nd impression?
    waiting room
  14. what makes the 3rd impression?
    exam room
  15. what are the duties assoc. with the exam room?
    • history
    • brief exam
    • dx sampling
    • health cert.
    • client education
    • check for errors on medical record
  16. what is one skill that can make you irreplaceable with your vet?
    anticipating their needs
  17. what are the 5 lab tests that could be needed before the dr even gets in?
    • in house tests- FeLV, HW, BG, fecal, urinalysis
    • in house serology- CBC, Chem.
    • commercial lab specimens (know protocol)
    • dx sampling (BG curve, Bile Acid)
    • inst. maint.
  18. what is never used as the primary label for a sample?
  19. what is used for maint/cleaning of eyepieces/lenses of microscopes?
    kim wipes/lens paper
  20. what are the 6 rad duties?
    • dx positioning
    • techniques, correcting them
    • radiation safety
    • developing
    • referral company procedures
    • dx procedures
  21. what 3 things should be kept in mind with isolation animals?
    • protect yourself
    • protect other animals
    • prevent contamination
  22. what 11 things are expected of a nurse/treatment nurse?
    • IV cath-fluids
    • Meds
    • tx
    • dosage calcs.
    • urinary cath- output
    • monitor-pain, TPR, crashing
    • patient updates to dr, tech, owner (w. approval)
    • pre/post op care
    • nutritional mgmnt
    • sanitation
    • comfort
  23. what are the duties involving sx/anesthesia?
    • induction
    • intubation
    • monitor
    • prep
    • assist
    • care
    • cleaning
    • instrument care/maint.
    • equipment care/maint.
    • narcotic record maint.
    • dentals
    • client communication
  24. what should be kept separate with surgery laundry?
    • drapes
    • towels
    • gowns
  25. for a new script to be filled/refilled, the ___ must be pre-existing
  26. what are the 5 duties of the pharmacy?
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