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  1. presentaiton of churg strauss
    • lungs
    • kidney
    • skin findings
    • eosinophila >10%
  2. description of actinic keratosis
    papule adhered with a scale
  3. bowenoid papulosis is a cancer found where
  4. what cranial nerve is affected in pseudotumor cerebri
    cn 6
  5. next step in management of a subarachnoid hemorrhage besides stabilization of blood pressure and optimizing brain environment
    angiography to determine where the aneurysm is
  6. cmv vs herpes esophagitis biopsy findings
    • cmv--single and deep ulcer
    • herpes--multiple and shallow ulcers
  7. rx for coccidiomycosis
    • fluconazole if mild
    • amphotericin if severe
  8. rx for status epilepticus?
    if benzo stops it, give phenytoin to prevent further
  9. hyperthyroid sympotoms, next step?
    • raiu scan?
    • if high and diffuse--graves
    • if high and focal---nodule
    • if decreased--subacute thyroditis
  10. when is lens replacment done for cataract?
    when the cataract impairs pts quality of life
  11. when do you do mastectomy for breast cancer
    • if tumor >4 cm
    • margins are not clear
  12. most significant risk factor for scc
    sun exposure
  13. when you treat asymptomativ bacteuria
    • pregnant
    • urologic procedure
    • struvite stones
    • vesivourethral reflux
  14. when dobutamine doesnt work, next drug
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