U.S History

  1. 1. Public Works

    2. Relief
    1. Government financed building projects supported by Hoover. This could help by bringing in new jobs for people. Hoover also urged mayors to increase public spending.

    2. Money that went to families that couldn't support themselves. It was government supported and state and city governments should give out relief.
  2. 3. Forclose

    4. Series
    3. The banks took personal property because payments weren't being paid. Between 1930-1934 creditors forclosed on almost 1 million farms. Families couldn't afford to stay in their homes.

    4. A lot of different things in a row. Hoover organized a series of confrences bringing the heads of banks, railroads and labor/ government officials.
  3. 5. Community

    6. Contribute
    5. A close knit town of people brought together in an area. Troubled banks lended money to troubled people.

    6. Helped for the cause/ helping and giving. Contributed to the NCC.
  4. 7. Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)

    8. Bonus Army
    7. Set up to make loans to banks, railroads and agricultural institutions in 1932.

    8. Marchers/ protestors that wore military uniforms and sang old war songs and thought back on Army days in 1932.
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