U.S History

  1. 1. Baliff

    2. Shantytown
    1. A court officer who was sent an eviction notice and had to lile their belongings out into the street.

    2. A shack that was set up on pulic/ community lands for people that were unemployed and didn't have a lot of money.
  2. 3. Hooverville

    4. Hobo
    3. Hooverville was the place reffered to as shantytowns, blaming the president for their problems.

    4. An unemployed person who wandered about the country who slipped into places where they could sleep and feel warmth such as freight trains.
  3. 5. Dustbowl

    6. Soap opera
    5. From Dakota (North and South) to Texas, all of the fields and plains dried up. Dirt covered the crops and the drought persisted on. (1932 drought sweeps great plains, 300 million acres are destroyed)

    6. A short drama that portrayed real life situations, just over dramatized. The shows soponers often were the makers of soap.
  4. 7. Suspen

    8. Colleague-
    7. A short period of stop/ rest. 'In 1930, 1,352 banks suspended operations across the nation, more than twice the number of bank failures in 1929.

    8. Close friends or people you associate with.
  5. 9. Technique

    10. Walt Disney
    9. A systen of ways that are used frequently to get a specific task done.

    10. Produced the 1st feature length film, snow white and the 7 dwarfs in 1937. In 1939 the Wizard of Oz was produced.
  6. 11. Grant Wood

    12. John Stienback
    11. Painted the American gothic painting, took the more synical side of things. Midwestern paintings and comedy.

    12. A writer who wrote the Grapes of Wrath in 1939.
  7. 13. William Fulkner

    Loans= Low intrest rates
    Investment bank= Goldman Sacks and Leaman Brothers
    13. Feelings before thinking used his writings to show the opinions of white and African Americans.
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