Spanish Exam 7th Grade

  1. A
    Ah, as when the doctor tells you to say ahhh.
  2. E
    E in cafe or Diego.
  3. I
    I in machine or Rita.
  4. O
    O in roll
  5. U
    U in Rudolph or ruler.
  6. Ñ
    NI in onion or NY in canyon.
  7. R
    • DD in ladder.
    • hermano, or Mario.

    At the begginning of a word, it is pronounced with "trill" of the tongue.
  8. B and V
    B in boat.
  9. C and Qu
    C: C in cake when followed by a, o, or u.

    Qu: Also pronounced like the C in cake when followed by e or i.
  10. J and G
    J: H in home.

    G: Pronounced the same as j, when followed by e or i.
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Spanish Exam 7th Grade