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  1. remorse
    guilt; self reproach
  2. renegade
    deserter; traitor
  3. renounce
    forswear; repudiate; abandon; discontinue
  4. repel
    drive away; disgust
  5. replete
    filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied
  6. reprehensible
    deserving blame
  7. repress
    restrain; hold back; crush; suppress
  8. reprimand
    reprove severely; rebuke
  9. reproach
    express disapproval
  10. reprove
    censure; rebuke
  11. repudiate
    disown; disavow
  12. rescind
  13. reserve
    self control; formal but distant manner
  14. resigned
    unresisting; resolve
  15. resolve
    n) determination; firmness of purpose

    v) decide; settle; solve
  16. respite
    interval of relief; time for rest; delay in punishment
  17. resplendent
    dazzling; glorious; brilliant
  18. restraint
    controlling force; control over one's emotions
  19. reticent
    reserved; uncommunicative;  inclined to be silent
  20. retirin
    modest; shy
  21. retract
    withdraw; take back
  22. reverent
  23. rhetorical
    pertaining to effective communication; insincere in language
  24. rigorous
    severe; harsh; demanding; exact
  25. robust
    vigorous; strong
  26. rudimentary
    not developed; elementary; crude
  27. ruthless
    pitiless; cruel
  28. sagacious
    perceptive; shrewd; having insight
  29. sage
    person celebrated for wisdom
  30. sanction
    approve; ratify
  31. sanctuary
    refuge; shelter; shrine; holy place
  32. sarcasm
    scornful remarks;; stinging rebuke
  33. satirical
  34. saturate
    soak thoroughly
  35. savory
    tasty; pleasing, attractive, or agreeable
  36. scanty
    meager; insufficient
  37. scrupulous
    conscientious; extremely thorough
  38. scrutinize
    examine closely and critically
  39. seclusion
    isolation; solitude
  40. sectarian
    relating to a religious faction or sub-group; narrow-minded; limited
  41. sedentary
    requiring sitting
  42. sequester
    isolate; retire from public life; segregate; seclude
  43. serenity
    calmness; placidity
  44. servile
    slavishly submissive; fawning; cringing
  45. sever
    cut; separate
  46. severity
    harshness; intensity; austerity; rigidity
  47. shrewd
    clever; astute
  48. singular
    unique; extraordinary; odd
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