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  1. The most serious economic problem that Truman faced was
  2. As president, Harry Truman wanted to
    extend and expand many New Deal programs.
  3. From April 1948 to May 1949,
    the Soviets blockaded Berlin. 
  4. Truman's program for the economic recovery of Europe was called 
    Marshall plan
  5. In response to Truman's Fair Deal proposals, the Democratic Congress
    enlarged many New Deal programs. 
  6. The Communists gained control of China and the Russians exploded an atomic bomb in 
  7. Perhaps the most crucial military maneuver in the Korean conflict involved  
    an amphibious landing at Inchon.
  8. In the Hiss-Chambers case,
    Hiss was convicted of lying about espionage
  9. Joseph R. McCarthy was a  
    Republican senator from Wisconsin.
  10. Higher education became much more widespread due t
    o  the GI bill. 
  11. Two monuments to the Eisenhower presidency were
    interstate highways and the St. Lawrence Seaway. 
  12. The most important problem facing Eisenhower when he became president was
    the unresolved situation in Korea. 
  13. Eisenhower said that the "biggest damnfool mistake I ever made" was
    appointing Earl Warren chief justice of the Supreme Court
  14. In the 1956 elections
    Eisenhower became the first Republican in eighty years to carry a Deep South state
  15. After Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, Eisenhower 
    suspended diplomatic relations with Cuba.
  16. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. came to national prominence in the
    Montgomery bus boycott. 
  17. Eisenhower's farewell address dealt
    with the dangers of a military-industrial complex
  18. A crucial factor in the 1960 presidential campaign involved the
    jailing of Martin Luther King Jr
  19. The Soviet Union built the Berlin Wall in the aftermath of the 
    Bay of Pigs invasion.
  20. In the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy ordered
    a quarantine of Cuba.
  21. President Johnson said that "we have just delivered the South to the Republican Party for a long time to come" after
    the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  22. In 1968 the candidate who claimed to speak for the "silent majority" and "Middle America" was 
    Richard Nixon
  23. With the Nixon Doctrine, the United States
    called for revising the containment policy. 
  24. During the Watergate crisis, Nixon was not accused of 
    stealing funds from the reelection campaign.
  25. Perhaps Gerald Ford's most memorable act as president was
    pardoning Richard Nixon. 
  26. Demographic forces favorable to Reagan and conservatism included growth in the
    Sunbelt population.
  27. Under President Reagan, organized labor 
    suffered from the defeat of the air traffic controllers' union.
  28. Reagan sent Marines to Grenada to
    overthrow a government with Communist ties.
  29. The Tower Commission placed much of the blame for the Iran-Contra affair on
    Reagan's aloofness and ignorance
  30. Used in televisions, wristwatches, and many other appliances, the microchip was invented in 1971
  31. For the first Bush administration, the major problem in the early 1990s was
    an economic recession.
  32. "Don't ask, don't tell" was
    Bill Clinton's policy on gays in the military.
  33. Marshall Plan
    gave 13 million between 1948-1951. Drew nations of western europe together. soveit resented and caused them to create blockaids in west germany.
  34. NAFTA
    North American Free Trade Agreement. Bush negotiated with Canada and Mexico.
  35. Persian Gulf War
    Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Desert Shield which became Desert Storm.
  36. Manuel Noriega
    Leader of the Panamanian Defense Forces. Drug smuggling, gun running, money laudering. US turned heads for info but he was indicted and brought to trial in the US eventually and convicted of racketeering and drug distrubution.
  37. Gorbachev
    President of the Soviet Union. Signed treaty with Reagan to eliminate nuclear missiles. Wanted resructing and openness. Helped with the fall of the Berlin wall.
  38. Camp David Accords
    Carters crowing foreign policy achievement. Peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.
  39. 1970's economic malaise
    Inflation rose. Stocks fell. Unemployment rose. Caused by johnson attempted to pay for the Great Society Social Welfare and the War in vietnam without increasing taxes. Generated larger federal deficit and inflation
  40. Pentagon Papers
    Nixon tried to block publication. Supreme court overruled. Stated that public had not received the full story of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident
  41. 1968 Democratic Convention
    Chicago riots. Yippies caused riots. televised
  42. James Meredith
    Black that was not allowed to enroll in University of Mississippi. Kennedy dispatched federal mashall to enforce law who were assualted by white mobes. Federal troops intervened. Meredith was allowed to enroll.
  43. Dien Bien Phu
    Near Laotioan border during French Indochina war. French forces sent there to lure Viet Mihn forces. were trapped and US didn't help.
  44. 26th Amendment
    18 and up can vote in all elections
  45. 22nd Amendment
    Forbid any president from serving more than 2 terms
  46. George Kennan
    Counselor of the American Embassy in Moscow. Containment Concept
  47. Dougals MacArthur
    Commander of the US forces in Korea. Fired by Truman for insubordination
  48. Integration of baseball
    Brooklyn Dodgers hired Jackie Robinson. 1st black player to play in a major league team.
  49. NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Pleaded attack against any one of the members would be considered attack against all of the members.
  50. Civile Rights of 1940s
    Truman appointed committe to investigate violence against blackes. banned discrimiation in hiring of federal employees and issued an exeutice order ending racial segreation in the armed forces. claimed "the greatest thing that ever happened to america"
  51. In the impeachment proceeding, Bill Clinton was charged
    with lying under oath to a grand jury.
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