Afrikan proverbs

  1. Appearance
    • The snake may change its skin but stays a snake.
    • Dama

    Some smile with hared in their hearts. Sudan
  2. cause and effect
    • Do you want to harvest corn without cultivating
    • corn? Sudan

    • You lit the fire, now the smoke hurts your eyes.
    • Tetela

    • If you want to get rid of the flies, throw the
    • bad meat away. Zambia
  3. caution
    • The mole travels underground, safe from people’s
    • feet. Zambia

    • Do not put your goat out to graze in the field
    • of the leopards. Congo
  4. children
    • Children speak only words they have heard.
    • Yaunde

    • A fine cradle will not always ensure a fine
    • character. Ghana

    • As you bring your child up, so it will grow up.
    • Uganda
  5. cooperation
    One man cannot collect the crops. Angola

    Teeth without gaps chew the meat. Buganda

    • If you are in one boat, you have to row
    • together. South Africa

    One finger cannot wash your face. Congo

    • Only a lonely fool tries to do the work of many.
    • Kikuyu

    • If the fingers of one hand quarrel, they cannot
    • pick up the food. East Africa

    • Two strong men will move a heavy stone. Two
    • bright lawyers will not agree about the meaning of a word. North Africa

    A single bracelet does not jingle. Tetela
  6. Dependence and Independence
    • If you cut down the big tree, the small trees
    • will fall down by themselves. Zulu

    • The tree cannot stand up without its roots.
    • Zaire

    If the trunk dies, the branches die too. Swahili

    When father comes back, hunger ceases. Congo
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