Ways to Use GAS and Describe Them Briefly

  1. Footing a file
  2. Selecting a sample - either statistically of judgmentally
  3. Extracting, sorting, and summarizing data
  4. Obtaining file statistics (totals, minimum / maximum / average values)
  5. Evaluating statistical samples results
  6. Performing analytical review techniques, such as identifyign slow moving inventory and extracting those items for further audit review
  7. Finding how many transactions or population items meet specific criteria
  8. Checking for gaps in processing sequences
  9. Checking for duplicates (e.g., paying the same vendor twice)
  10. Doing arithmetic calculations
  11. Preparing custom reports
  12. Analyzing data for file validity, e.g., missing data and fields with inappropriate values
  13. Analyzing data files for unusual pattern of numbers
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Ways to Use GAS and Describe Them Briefly
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