qbank 4

  1. bp meds for stroke, hemorrhages
  2. mania + depression
    atypical antipsychotics
  3. most accurate test for als
    musclular denervation and motor block
  4. rx for single met is brain?
    • resection and radiation
    • palliative care
  5. rx for cataplexy
  6. tay sachs or nieman picks has hepatosplenomegaly?
    nieman picks
  7. antrior blepharitis
    eyelid swelling + dandruff
  8. which one is eyelid margin swelling?
  9. rx for retinal vessel occlusion
    thrombolysis within 8 hours

    • acetazolamide
    • oxygen
  10. rx for corneal abrasion
    • irrigation
    • antibiotics
    • no steroids or anesthetics
  11. cause of bulluus myringitis
  12. rx for otitis media caused by pseudomonas
  13. rx for meniere
    • salt restriction
    • thiazides
    • antimuscarininc, antiemetic
  14. which cluster may benefit from antipsychotics
    cluster a
  15. what defense mechanism is used by histrionic?
  16. rx for alcoholism
    • naltrexone
    • acamprosate
    • topiramate
    • disulfiram
  17. side effect of varenicline
  18. weird dreams from what durgs
    • varenicline
    • efavirenz
  19. what is the purpose of orchiopexy of testicle
    to palpate it for malignancies
  20. 2 consequences of cryptochorism
    • high cncer risk
    • abnormal fertility
  21. atypical antipsychotic with qt prolongation
  22. what two diseases are sufficient enough to diagnose without tests?
    granted they present with classic symptoms
    • pneumothorax
    • asthma
  23. 1st line against animal bites
    2nd line
    • unasyn
    • clinda + fq
  24. management of a mother involved in trauma thats pregnancy
    fetal monitoring for abruption
  25. pt with chronic otitis media with effusion and suspected hearing loss, next step
  26. managment of a patient with hypothyroid and low t4?>
    steroids to prevent adrenal insufficiency if given t4
  27. rx for aortic stenosis
    ace inhibitor
  28. rx for pregnant woman with symptomaitc mitral stenosis
  29. for aortic and mitral stenosis when do you do valvuloplasty
    cross sectional area <1cm3
  30. when doyou use atovaquone/proguanil to malarial prophylaxis
    • when traveling to brazil
    • otherwise chloroqyine
  31. what herbal increases bleeding with warfarin
    dong qui
  32. aids patient with diarrhea, ova and parasites are negative and biopsy of colon is negative, cause?
  33. hypocalcemia after parathyroidectomy?
    metabolic bone disease where bones are remineralized with the calcium in serum leading to low calcium
  34. elderly neck mass, cause?
    metastatic squamous tumor from pharynx or larynx
  35. empiric rx for outpatient pneumonia
    ceftriaxone + macrolides
  36. rx for molluscum contagiosium
  37. work up of pulmonary htn
    • iv prostacyclin to see if vasodilation works--if it works--ccb
    • if not..sildenafil, prostaglandins,bosentan
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