Medical Terminology Chapter 18

  1. endoplasmic reticulum
    network of channels throughout the cytoplasm that transports materials. The site of protein, fat, and glycogen production
  2. golgi apparatus
    curved, stacked membranes that process and store proteins until they are released by the cell.
  3. lysosomes
    small sacs that contain powerful digestive enzymes to destroy a bacterium or virus that invades the cell.  When a cell dies their enzymes slowly dissolve the cell.
  4. messenger RNA
    ribonucleic acid duplicates the information contained in a gene and carries it to the ribosome where it is used to assemble amino acids to make a protein molecule.
  5. mitochondria
    capsule-shaped structures with sectioned chambers that produce and store ATP, a high-energy molecule obtained from the metabolism of glucose.
  6. ribosomes
    granular structures in the cytoplasm and the endoplasmic reticulum.  Contain RNA and proteins and are the site where proteins are produced
  7. suppressor genes
    prevent excessive cell division
  8. apoptosis
    programmed cell death
  9. oncogenes
    mutated genes in the RNA of a virus
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