Social Science 12-16

  1. In what order did the European countries industrialize?
    Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Austro-Hungary, Italy and Russia.
  2. What revolution was the first to challenge the principle of autocratic monarchy?
    The French Revolution of 1798.
  3. Austria moved from monarchy to constitutional monarchy after what revolutions?
    The Revolutions of 1848.
  4. In 1871 Germany was ruled by a...
    Constitutional Monarchy.
  5. In 1905 the Russian czar created what?
    The Duma, an elected national parliament.
  6. In 1908 the Sultan gave power to what group in the Ottoman Empire?
    The Young Turks.
  7. What is Realpolitik?
    Realist foreign policy.
  8. What war engaged more than two major powers between 1815 and 1914?
    The Crimean War with Britain, France and Russia.
  9. Kaiser Wilhelm II attempted to compete with Socialist parties for support by following an aggressive foreign policy against who?
  10. Tsar Nicholas II attempted to win support through a quick war against who?
  11. What was yellow journalism?
    Journalism that uses little or no facts and only sensationalism or nationalism to sell more newspapers.
  12. How did the press make it hard for leaders to break alliances?
    By demonizing the other side of the alliance.
  13. Why did Britain not want to enter war with the Central Powers during the July crises?
    Because they had no direct interest in Europe, their empire spanned an entire glove.
  14. What was the biggest threat to Britain's Empire?
    Germany's rapidly expanding navy.
  15. The Russian Empire looked for new territory where?
    The conquering of Istanbul, and the Ottoman Empire.
  16. The German mission to the Ottoman Empire caused what?
    A hardening of Russian attitude towards Germany who was interfering on their new territory.
  17. In 1783 Russia forced the Ottoman Empire to do what?
    To accept Russian interference and special rules for protecting Christian minorities.
  18. What three countries repeatedly interfered in Ottoman affairs?
    Britain, France and Russia.
  19. In the 1880's Germany established colonies in what two areas?
    In Africa and the Pacific.
  20. What League published articles claiming that their were many Germans living in Eastern European countries?
    The Pan-German League.
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