Social Science 9-12

  1. What countries did the Ottoman Empire loose in the century and a half before 1914?
    Egypt, Sudan, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia.
  2. What other countries were lost during the 1910's?
    Libya, Albania, Macedonia, and Thrace.
  3. What countries were lost by the Ottoman Empire after World War One?
    Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine.
  4. In what countries did post war revolutions occur?
    India, China, Korea, and Egypt.
  5. When did Russian generals join with generals to force the Tsar to abdicate?
    February/March 1917.
  6. In what countries did Communism gain a foothold in after World War One?
    Hungary and the German state of Bavaria.
  7. What countries fell to fascist dictatorships after World War One?
    Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
  8. Where did World War One begin?
  9. When did the Austro-Hungarian army annex the Bosnia?
  10. When did the First Balkan War last?
    October 1912 to May 1913.
  11. In the First Balkan War Serbia allied with what countries to defeat the Ottoman Empire?
    Greece, Bulgaria, and Montenegro.
  12. What happened during the Second Balkan War?
    Bulgaria attacked Greece and Serbia and was defeated when Romania and the Ottoman Empire launched a counterattack.
  13. When did the Second Balkan War start?
    June 16, 1913.
  14. Serbia's successes caused her leaders to believe what?
    That they needed to unite all Serbians and lead a multiethnic South Slav state.
  15. On what day was the Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated?
    June 28, 1914.
  16. What secret Bosnian Serb organization sent three men to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
    Union of Death, or Unification or Death, or the Black Hand.
  17. Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
    Gavrilo Princip.
  18. When did Austria present its ultimatum to Serbia?
    July 14, 1914.
  19. What were the terms of the Austrian ultimatum?
    All anti-Austrian propaganda to be cease and that Serbia allow Austrian participation in the murder investigation.
  20. How much time did Austria give Serbia to accept the terms or face invasion?
    48 hours.
  21. Why did Serbia reject the Austrian terms?
    Because they believed that Russia would support them.
  22. When did Austria declare war on Serbia?
    July 28, 1914.
  23. When did Russia mobilize its army?
    July 30, 1914.
  24. When did Germany declare war on Russia?
    August 1, 1914.
  25. When did Germany declare war on France?
    August 3, 1914.
  26. When did Great Britain declare war on Germany?
    August 4, 1914.
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