SDLC & Testing Types

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  1. SDLC
    • Software Development Life Cycle:
    • Planning
    • Design
    • Code
    • Testing
  2. Planning Stage
    In this steps is where All the Team Developers, managers, and project managers decide and write the requirements based on the Customers specs.
  3. Design
    In the Design Stage the Developers decide how to approach the design of the software. What language to write it in, based on the requirements and operating systems it must function in.
  4. Coding
  5. Testing
  6. Test Plan
    High Level Document describing the scope. Identifies the test items, What will and will not be tested. Who will test what parts, what type of testing tools, and tests. Divides responsibilities and describes timelines.
  7. Test Matrix
  8. Test Case
    Smallest piece of Documentation. Can be short as a few lines or can be as long as a few pages. It all depends on the team. It tracks software quality, defects, tracks progress, it unifies pass/fail to all testers.
  9. Test Case Requirements
    • Test Case identifier
    • Step of what needs to be tested
    • Expected result
    • Actual Result
    • Pass/Fail
  10. BUILD
    A build is after the Developer Codes in any language that is readable. In order for Computer to read it, it must be converted into Binary (zeros, and ones: 10100010101) Developers use programs that does this transfer called Compilation.
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