1. nonchalant
    • DEFINITION: having an air of casual indifference; coolly unconcerned
    • SENTENCE: American drivers are famous for their nonchalant attitude towards yellow and red lights
    • SYNONYMS: casual, uncaring, unconcerned
    • ANTONYMS: nervous, jumpy, stressed
  2. convoluted
    • DEFINITION: winding, twisting, and therefore difficult to understand; intricate
    • SENTENCE: The Electoral College employs a convoluted process to choose a President.
    • SYNONYMS: complex, labyrinthine, tangled
    • ANTONYMS: simple, straightforward, straight
  3. itinerant
    • DEFINITION: traveling from place to place; not sedentary
    • SENTENCE: The itinerant tribes of Mongolia pitch tents and herd cattle rather than build houses and farm.
    • SYNONYMS: migratory, nomadic, unsettled
    • ANTONYMS: sedentary, permanent, settled
  4. poignant
    • DEFINITION: moving; touching; heartrending
    • SENTENCE: Many people found the iconic romance between Jack and Rose in the Titanic poignant.
    • SYNONYMS: emotional, sentimental, touching
    • ANTONYMS: unaffecting, unemotional, calm
  5. impetus
    • DEFINITION: a stimulus or encouragement that results in increased activity
    • SENTENCE: Maria Sharapova's losing streak became the impetus for her rigorous training regimen.
    • SYNONYMS: catalyst, force, push
    • ANTONYMS: hinderance, block, impediment
  6. bucolic, rustic, pastoral
    • DEFINITION: charming, unspoiled, countryside
    • SENTENCE: The bucolic and pastoral drive way was perfect for a peaceful, green trip.
    • SYNONYMS: rural, peaceful, scenic
    • ANTONYMS: urban, metropolitan, municipal
  7. equanimity
    • DEFINITION: calmness; composure; even-tempered; poise
    • SENTENCE: Even in the face of impending calamity, Captain Sullenberger maintained his equanimity and averted a plane crash.
    • SYNONYMS: levelheadedness, composure, imperturbability
    • ANTONYMS: anxiety, discomposure, agiration
  8. panache and verve
    • DEFINITION: dash and flamboyance, especially in artistic performance or composition; great vigor and energy
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: flair, flourish, spirit
    • ANTONYMS: dullness, drab, boring
  9. placid
    • DEFINITION: calm or quiet; undisturbed by tumult or disorder; serene
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: tranquil, peaceful, serene
    • ANTONYMS: agitated, disturbed, upset
  10. fortuitous
    • DEFINITION: of accidental but fortunate occurrence; having unexpected good fortune
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: lucky, providential, serendipitous
    • ANTONYMS: calculated, deliberate, intentional
  11. dispel
    • DEFINITION: to drive away; scatter; as to dispel a misconception
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: banish, dismiss, disperse
    • ANTONYMS: collect, accumulate, gather
  12. amalgam
    • DEFINITION: a mixture; blend, combination of different elements
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: mix, composite, compound
    • ANTONYMS: division, seperation, dissolution
  13. viable and feasible
    • DEFINITION: capable of being accomplished; possible
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: possible, reasonable, workable
    • ANTONYMS: impossible, unachievable, unreasonable
  14. anguish
    • DEFINITION: agonizing physical or mental pain; torment
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: distress, suffering, torment
    • ANTONYMS: comfort, contentment, joy
  15. intemperate
    • DEFINITION: lacking restraint; excessive
    • SENTENCE: Intemperate habits such as smoking, drinking, and overeating are harmful to good health.
    • SYNONYMS: self-indulgent, wasteful, profligate
    • ANTONYMS: temperate, moderate, restrained
  16. temperate
    • DEFINITION: exercising moderation and restraint
    • SENTENCE: A temperate person leads a lifestyle characterized by moderation and self-restraint.
    • SYNONYMS: balanced, controlled, self-restrained
    • ANTONYMS: wasteful, profligate, self-indulgent
  17. superficial
    • DEFINITION: shallow; lacking in depth; concerned with surface appearances
    • SENTENCE: Daisy Buchanan proved to be a superficial person who prized material possessions.
    • SYNONYMS: cursory, frivolous, one-dimensional
    • ANTONYMS: deep, detailed, thorough
  18. laud, extol, tout, acclaim
    • DEFINITION: to praise; applaud
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: acclaim, approve, commend
    • ANTONYMS: dismiss, scold, criticize
  19. dismissive
    • DEFINITION: showing indifference or disregard; to reject
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: pompous, disregard, scorn
    • ANTONYMS: approve, honor, respect
  20. disparage
    • DEFINITION: to speak of in a slighting or disrespectful way; belittle
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: discredit, scorn, dismiss
    • ANTONYMS: approve, commend, praise
  21. pompous
    • DEFINITION: filled with excessive self-importance, pretentious
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: boastful, pretentious, arrogant
    • ANTONYMS: humble, modest, meek
  22. cryptic
    • DEFINITION: having a hidden or ambiguous meaning; mysterious
    • SENTENCE: The Sphnix told a cryptic riddle to the confused tomb raiders.
    • SYNONYMS: enigmatic, mystic, secrective
    • ANTONYMS: clear, obvious, straightforward
  23. subtle
    • DEFINITION: a gradual change that is difficult to detect immediately
    • SENTENCE: 
    • SYNONYMS: implied, insinuated, indirect
    • ANTONYMS: clear, obvious, plain
  24. disparity
    • DEFINITION: an inequality; a gap; an imbalance
    • SENTENCE: "Slumdog Millionaire" shows the disparity in housing between the wealthy few who live in luxury condos and the poverty-stricken masses who live in shacks.
    • SYNONYMS: difference, discrepancy, divergence
    • ANTONYMS: conformity, sameness, uniformity
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