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  1. difference between crystal in joint vs septic arthritis?
    • crystal--<50,000 wbc
    • septic--->50,000
  2. most common site of involvement of endometriosis
  3. rx for mild pcp?
    moderate and severe
    oral tmp and smx

    iv tmp smx + steroids
  4. when shud haart be started in a pt with pcp
    2 weeks after
  5. rx for pe with hemodynamic instability?
    rx for pe with hemodynamic instability + recent bleeding/surgery
    • thrombolysis
    • embolectomy
  6. drugs taht increase qt
    • anticholinergic
    • tca
    • antipsychotics
    • macrolides
    • meperidine
  7. what symptoms does the 3 cah enzyme deficiency produce?
    • 17--htn, sexual infantalism
    • 21--- hypotension, high androgens
    • 11--htn, high androgens
  8. what 2 exfoliative disease have the same pathogenesis?
    • bullous impetigo
    • staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome
  9. 3 diseaes with + nikolsky sign
    • ten
    • ssss
    • pemphigus vulgaris
  10. rx for metastatic pancreatic cnacer?
  11. when do you do whipple procedure?
    with resectable cancer and no mets
  12. complication of esophageal dysmotility in scleroderma
    peptic strictures of esophagues secondary to acid reflux
  13. difference between strabismus and pseudostrabismus?
    pseudostrabismus--symmetric corneal reflex

    strabismus--assymetric corneal reflex
  14. best initial test and test to confirm pad?
    ankle-brachial reflex
  15. what 2 rashes does hsv cause
    • erythema multiform
    • kaposi varicelliform
  16. kaposi varicelliform is also known as
    eczema herpeticum
  17. ct with or without contrast to see tumors in brain?
  18. most characteristic change of graves?
    • eye pathology
    • skin---myxedema
  19. before you give epidural anesthesia for pregnancy give?
    antacids to prevent aspiration pneumonitis
  20. best initial test for adrenal insuffieiciy
    cosyntrophin stimulation test
  21. tumor that produces sclerotic lesions and affects spine
    osteoid osteoma
  22. complication of femoral catheterization
    retroperitoneal hematoma with bruising, low htc

    femoral pseudoaneurysm
  23. pain of heel on the medial side that is worse in the morning
    plantar fascitis
  24. 1st line management for hepativ encephalopathy
    • lactulose
    • 2nd line is rifaximin
  25. how does rv infarction show up on ekg
    2, 3, avf and right sided  v4 and v5 elevation
  26. complication of using bb or adenosine in wolfe parkinson
    v fib
  27. prophylaxis for pcp and toxo
    • tmp smx
    • atovaquone¬†
    • dapsone + pyrimethamine
  28. rx for allergic conjunctivitis
    ketotifen---antimuscarinic and mast cell stabilizer
  29. rx for flatworms and fishworms
  30. rx for round worms
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