US Physics 361-390

  1. What system control converts the numbers stored in memory to proportional voltages that control the brightness on a CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor?
    Digital to analog converter
  2. A digital scan converter is another name for what system component?
    Image memory
  3. What control allows the user to freeze and then scroll back through the most recently acquired image frames?
  4. A group of 8 bits is called:
  5. Where are images stored in the ultrasound system?
    Scan converter
  6. What is the maximum number of shades of gray in a 8 bit digital scan converter?
  7. The spatial resolution of the scan converter is determined by:
    Number of pixels in the scan converter matrix
  8. What system component is most responsible for transmit focusing?
    Beam former
  9. How many levels of information can a single bit represent?
  10. The picture elements in a scan converter matrix are termed:
  11. Digital to analog conversion of the ultrasound signal must occur at what part of the image process?
    Between the scan converter and the display
  12. In the scan converter, interpolation is performed to:
    Fill in the empty pixels that occur between acoustic scan lines
  13. Without interpolation, which of the following would best describe the resultant B-mode image?
    A series of scan lines with blank data between the lines
  14. What three colors are used on a color monitor to produce the range of available colors?
    Red, green, blue
  15. When you freeze the ultrasound image, where is the echo information stored?
    Scan converter
  16. What type of resolution is determined by the number of pixels in the scan converter?
  17. Which of the following is associated with improper adjustment of the brightness and contrast on the video monitor?
    The operator will likely overgain our undergain the image
  18. What can you improve by changing gray-scale map?
    Contrast resolution
  19. Which of the following describes an analog signal?
    Continuous variation of the signal is possible
  20. What is the order in which the signal travels in the ultrasound system?
    Transducer, receiver, scan converter, display
  21. Of the following, which is the best choice to help you demonstrate tissue boundaries that are not perpendicular to the sound beam?
    Spatial compounding
  22. You want to use 3D imaging to display an anatomic structure because 3D has the following advantage over 2D imaging:
    Ability to display orthogonal planes simultaneously and image planes impossible to obtain with 2D imaging
  23. What is meant by the term 4D imaging in nosography?
    3D imaging with the addition of time
  24. Image Upload 1
    In this image of an artery there is a calcification with a dark vertical band extending beyond arrow. Which explanation best describes the etiology of the dark band?
    Reduction in signal amplitude in tissue distal to a highly attenuating or reflecting object
  25. Image Upload 2
    Which term below most correctly describes Doppler waveform?
    Spectral mirroring
  26. Image Upload 3
    What should be done to improve the Doppler waveform?
    Change the Doppler angle
  27. Image Upload 4
    What is the source of the echoes depicted by the arrows in this image of the kidney?
  28. Image Upload 5
    What is another name for the hyperechoic artifact distal to the fluid structure?
  29. Image Upload 6
    These B-mode images of the common carotid artery show a graphic overlay indicating the number of lines of sight used to acquire each frame of information. No other system parameter was adjusted. Which statement below is true comparing image A to image B?
    Image A has better lateral resolution than image B
  30. Image Upload 7
    In the images what technique is used to fill in the empty data between the scan lines?
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