1. neatness & strict adherence to aseptic technique are mandatory.
    • Swab & disinfect work area before & after lab excercises.
    • Always wash hands thoroughly before and after working in the lab.
    • If you are unsure of what to do with culture materials...ask instructor.
  2. There will be absolutely NO EATING or DRINKING IN LAB.
  3. Do not bring non-essentials into the lab.
    Purses, books, ect will be in storage room. Only labbook is allowed.
  4. Keep hands away from face at all times.
    Dont put pencil or other items in your mouth.
  5. Protect your clothing.
    Bring lab coat that will remain in the lab.
  6. Protect your hair.
    long hair must be secured in ponytail to minimize the risk of fire or contamination
  7. Report all accident immediately to instuctor.
    This includes: cuts from broken glass, spills of culture materials, burns, personal illness.
  8. Note location of the emergency eye wash station, fire extinguisher, and gas shut off key.
  9. Place used pipettes, glassware, tubes and plates in recepticals as directed. Replace your stain kits and other materials to their original locations.
    Keep work area clean & organized!
  10. Never mouth Pipettes!
  11. Label all experimental culture materials with name, date of inoculation, organism inoculated, and lab section.
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