Code of Ethics

  1. Alcohol Policy
    • If you are under age you must say NO to alcohol use.
    • If you are of age and choose to drink, you must use good judgment and drink responsibly.
    • The Navy’s Right Spirit program focuses on responsible alcohol use and the deglamorization of alcohol.
    • The Navy expects responsibility and moderation from you at all times.
    • Irresponsible alcohol use will not be tolerated.
  2. Navy's Drug Policy
  3. Sexual Harassment
    • Discrimination that involves:
    • unwelcome sexual advances,
    • requests for sexual favors,
    • and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
    • affects an individual’s employment,
    • unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance,
    • or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.
    • Any person in a supervisory or command position who uses or condones implicit or explicit sexual behavior to control, influence or affect the pay, job, or career of a military or civilian employee is engaging in sexual harassment.
    • Similarly, any military or civilian who makes deliberate or repeated unwelcome verbal comments, gestures, or physical contact of a sexual nature is also engaging in sexual harassment.
    • Sexual harassment violates standards of behavior required of all Department of the Navy personnel.
    • Behavior in the work environment must remain professional and conducive to maximum efficiency and proficiency at all times.
    • Sexual harassment is unacceptable conduct; it debilitates morale, interferes with the work productivity of an organization and can cause serious psychological stress for the recipient.
    • The Navy’s policies are to ensure all employees have equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and are free of sexual harassment in any form.
    • It is expected that each service member fully commit to exhibit the highest professional behavior and courtesy in accomplishing the mission.
    • It is the responsibility of every member of the U.S. Navy to ensure that sexual harassment is prevented and that any instance of sexual harassment is dealt with swiftly, fairly, and effectively.
  4. Fraternization
    New recruits, once they arrive at RTC, will not be allowed to talk or socialize between the sexes. Any recruit that breaks this rule may be set back two weeks in training.
  5. Recruiter Prohibited Practices
    • Coach or entice you to provide false statements, records, or documents to effect your enlistment.
    • Bribe or coerce you to process for enlistment.
    • Intervene with police or judicial authorities on your behalf.
    • Form, or to attempt to form, a dating or private and unofficial social relationship with you.
    • Solicit to engage in, or engage in, any unofficial financial or business dealings with you.
    • Transport you in their personally owned vehicle, gamble with you, or solicit or accept anything of value from you.
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Code of Ethics
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