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  1. What is multiculturalism?
    The belief that cultural differences should be celebrated
  2. What happened at Alcatraz?
    • A 2 year sit-in
    • broken treaties
  3. What is social welfare?
    aid to different ppl. Food Stamp, Aid to Families with Dependent Children
  4. What is D.W.B.?
    Driving While Black
  5. Where did downsizing start?
    Automobile and steel industries
  6. What is the "feminization of poverty"?
    Poverty of single women
  7. What is the glass ceiling?
    A invisible barrier for women
  8. What was the Boland Amendment?
    U.S. can't send anything to Contras
  9. What happened in Afghanistan in 1979?
    Soviet Union invades
  10. "supply-side economics"
    • Welfare down
    • Government down
    • Taxes down
    • Military up
  11. What did Reagan do to the striking Air Traffic Controllers?
    Fired them
  12. Grumm-Rudman-Hollings Act?
    attempt to balance budget
  13. What happened in Libya?
  14. Why did Calderon, president of Mexico, meet with Obama?
    To talk about drug issues and immigration
  15. Who is Newt Gingrich?
    Was speaker of the house. He had an affair. His wife had cancer. He did the contract with America.
  16. What was the contract with America?
    • balance budget
    • term limits
    • tougher crime laws
    • lower taxes
  17. Who is Linda Tripp?
    She recorded the conversation about Lewinsky.
  18. What was "the kiss"
    The awkwardly long kiss between Al and Tipper for at the DNC?
  19. Bin Laden wanted a worldwide Islamic Revoulation
  20. What were the three reasons we went to war in Iraq?
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Ties to 9/11
    • Part of Al-Qaeda
  21. What happened at Abu Ghraib?
    It was a prison in Baghdad Americans owned where we kept people we captured in war. There was evidence of soldiers abusing the prisoners.
  22. What does glasnost mean?
    New openness
  23. What does perestroika mean?
    New economic ideas
  24. What were the 2 main point of the Bush Doctrine?
    • Pre-emption
    • Go It Alone-unilateralism
  25. Who was Paula Jones?
    She sued Clinton for sexual harassment
  26. Who was the "Teflon President"?
  27. What happened to Helen Thomas?
    She made 1 anti-isreali statement and she was fired.
  28. What countries are in the Axis of Evil?
    Iran, Iraq and North Korea
  29. What happened in Beirut, Lenanon?
    In October of 1983, there was a truck bombing by Iran through the Hezbollah
  30. What happened on PanAm. Flight 103 in Lockerbie, Scotland?
    On December 1988, there was a bomb on an airplane by Ali al-Megrahi from Libya
  31. What happened in New York at the First World Trade Center in 1993?
    A bomb in the Garage by 9 ppl. On of them Adbel Rahman
  32. Who was responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing?
    Timothy McVeigh
  33. What happened in the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in 1996?
    A truck bomb by the hezbollah
  34. What happened at the US embassies in 1998?
    Truck Bombs by Al-Qaeda/ Bin Laden
  35. What happened to the USS Cole in Yemen in 2000?
    A Raft Bomb by Al-Qaeda
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