Patrolman test

  1. What is Exclusive Jurisdiction
    The Federal Government may investigate and prosecute Violations of Federal Laws (B)
  2. What is Concurrent Jurisdiction
    The Federal and State government have the right to prosecute and investigate violations of federal and state law (A)
  3. What is Proprietary Jurisdiction
    The Federal government has the authority to investigate and prosecute nonterritory-based federal offenses committed on the property, sucha s assault on a federal officer, but not the violations of state laws. the state has the authority to investigate and prosecute violations of state laws taht occur in the territory. (C)
  4. When responding to a bomb threat, what is the ideal search team.
    One NSF personnel. one employee
  5. What is the difference between apprehension and custody
    Apprehensions: is the restraint of a person by oral or written order not  imposed as punishment, directing the person to remain within specified limits.

    Custody: is the restraint of free movement.
  6. What instruction makes it manditory for  DON personnel to be armed when performing law enforcement or security duties.
    SECNAVINST 5500.29C, (A)
  7. True or False the use of radar and laser detectors on naval bases is prohibited
  8. who is ultimately responsible for ensuring Radar operators meet training requirements.
    Installation Commander
  9. T/F a crime victim has the right to be provided information about the conviction sentencing, imprisonment and release of the offender.
  10. T/F On Navy bases, bicycle operators are required to ride with the traffic, in single file while obeying traffic rules.
  11. As per SOP 0816 traffic enforcement, who can be issued a traffic citation.
    All but Local Nationals not operating an AFI cover plated Vehicles
  12. What do you do when issuing a DD Form 1408 and the violator is not present
    Place under the windshield wiper
  13. During a Funds escort, the lead escort will contact Dispatch in what intervals
    15 mins
  14. When conducting a High Risk Traffic Stop, What is the minimum number of personnel and vehicles required
    3 patrolmen 2 vehicles
  15. what is the required time to respond to a Magazine Alarm.
    5 Mins
  16. According to SOP 0813. after arriving on scene a Patrolman must immediately do what
    Ensure the area is safe and determine if suspect is still at the scene
  17. during an active shooter situation. what is the minimum amout of personnel needed to respond
  18. Define search
    A search is an examination by an authorized patrolman for the purpose of locating and taking into custody items of evidence, contraband or fruits of a crime.
  19. Define seizure
    Taking into custody items of evidence, contraband and fruit of a crime or persons by an authorized patrolmen
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